The bathroom towel stands: bathroom accessories par excellence 

In terms of furniture, the concept of modernity goes hand in hand with that of comfort and practicality. In the bathroom, one of the elements that represent the union between these two concepts is certainly the bathroom towel stand, which offers the opportunity to place more than one towel, unlike the classic rod. There are many types of bathroom towel stands, which can be differentiated according to the number of arms and manufacturing materials. They have a number of rods ranging from 2 to 4 and they are often also equipped with hangers for the bathrobe. As for the materials, however, they must be of high quality since the towel stand is an accessory that will be in close contact with water. So green light to classic brass, with a vintage allure, to the chrome, bright and modern variant or to the bronzed one, perfect for giving a warm touch to the environment. The rods of a bathroom towel stand are generally adjustable, thus allowing the towels not to stay in contact, while preserving hygiene.

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