Bathroom wall units: an extra convenience at your fingertips

Furnishing the bathroom at home is always a difficult challenge. The choice of each bathroom accessory must be made with extreme care, taking all the sizes and avoiding mistakes in colours and combinations. Among the essential accessories in this home environment there are bathroom wall units: these help to keep order and they can be used as shelves where to place decorations and furnishings. The shape and design of the bathroom wall unit is chosen in relation to the style of the bathroom.

A fundamental aspect concerns the positioning of the bathroom wall units so that they are functional to use: we can arrange them next to the mirror if we decide to place the face cream or perfume, or install it on the wall in the center of the bathroom to give a fuller and more balanced look to the furniture. The best materials for bathroom wall units are classic brass, also chromed for the most modern bathrooms, for the supporting structure glass, transparent or satin.

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