Toilet glass holder: a faithful ally of hygiene next to the sink

Many times it happens to take inspiration for furniture when we least expect it: we begin to consider accessories that we would never have thought of introducing into the home, such as the bathroom glass holder. The importance of this accessory is only discovered when you start using it because it allows you to maintain order and hygiene in the bathroom.

The bathroom glass holder to be placed on the stand or to be attached to the wall, in various shapes and colors, is exactly the right accessory if we want to avoid seeing toothbrush and toothpaste always out of place or, perhaps, directly placed on the sink. Some details in the toilet really make the difference, both for greater daily practicality and for the desire to always have a clean and tidy environment. Bathroom glass holders in brass, chromed and bronzed brass will fully integrate with the style of a modern bathroom.

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