Printings: a modern touch to home spaces

What would complete furniture be without a printing in your living room? Modern, classic or colourful, printings are highly appreciated due to the many factors that combine. Being inspired by the beauty of an author printing means making way for dynamism and style in the living room, bedroom and in general in the home environments. The detail that will make the difference, the image that will fill the empty space of a wall still to be completed are just some of the "effects" of an author's printing.

In the living room, printings or photo printings are used with multiple functions: to give personality to the space, to fill a wall or to give it dynamism. Obviously the result depends on the size, brightness and style of the room in question. If we opt for a coloured author's printing, we should be careful about the colours, trying not to create excessive contrasts with the colour palette of the surrounding space, but also not to stray too far. A black and white photo printing is highly recommended for modern environments, which veer towards minimalism and which, consequently, prefer colours such as white, black and various shades of grey.

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