Table lamps

Table lamps

Based on the use made of them, table lamps can be considered as lighting generators or ornamental objects.

All table lamps have the common feature of having to rest on a horizontal surface and are generally not too high, for this reason they require support on a table, on a bedside table or on a desk to provide the right lighting.

You can decide to complete the furnishing of a room with a design table lamp for various reasons, such as to enhance the general lighting in the points where it is most lacking or to highlight some valuable details such as a vase, a small sculpture or valuable piece of furniture.

Among the various types of modern table lamps we also find desk lamps, designed to project a greater amount of light on the work surface and not strain the eyes.

In addition, table lamps can also be bedside tables (also known by the French term Abat-jour), in this case they have a more contained light that helps prepare for rest during the night and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Therefore, there are modern and designer table lamps that can be used for various purposes and obviously available in all styles of furniture.


Marmotta Plust Table Lamp

€97.60 -20% €78.08
Marmotta Plust Table Lamp entirely made with polyethylene frame. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Fade Plust Table lamp

€121.00 -20% €96.80
Fade Plust Table lamp with structure completely in polyethylene, available in different color finishes.

Ognidove Cini & Nils Lamp

€384.30 -15% €326.66
Ognidove Cini & Nils Lamp, table and floor, for indoors and outdoors with indirect light with touch dimmer. Thin and...

String Rotaliana Table Lamp

String Rotaliana Table Lamp, for interiors with direct light. Structure in extruded aluminum. Dimmable with traditional...

Luxy Rotaliana Table Lamp

Luxy Rotaliana Table Lamp, for interiors with direct and diffused light. 2 available versions and numerous finishes.

Lampion Rotaliana Lamp

Lampion Rotaliana Lamp,  table and wall lamp for indoors and outdoors. Silicone structure and polycarbonate lens. Available...

Dina+ Rotaliana Table Lamp

Dina+ Rotaliana Table Lamp,  for indoor diffused downwards. Aluminum structure in different finishes. IR touch dimmer. 2...

Dina Rotaliana Table Lamp

Dina Rotaliana Table Lamp,  for interiors with downward diffused light. Diffuser made of polycarbonate in different finishes....