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Modern Table Lamps, Unique Italian Design

Modern table lamps, designed and made in Italy, unique and luxurious lamps for office desks or homes, perfect for stylishly furnishing any space, discover our promotions.


Welcome Driade Table lamp

Regular price €200.00 -15% Price €170.00

Welcome Driade Table lamp

Regular price €200.00 -15% Price €170.00
Welcome Driade Table lamp design by Fabio Novembre, is a table lamp with a modern design, portable made of plastic with LED light, rechargeable with battery lasting up to 8 hours. Dimmable light via touch button and charge indicator.

Depending on their use, table lamps can be considered lighting generators or decorative objects.

Design Table Lamps with White LED Lights

All design table lamps share the common feature of needing to be placed on a horizontal surface and are generally not too tall. For this reason, they require placement on a table, bedside table, or desk to provide the right illumination.

You can choose to complete the decor of a room with a design table lamp for various reasons, such as enhancing general lighting in areas where it is lacking or highlighting precious details like a vase, a small sculpture, or valuable furniture.

Desk and Table Lamps, Discover Promotions

Among the various types of modern table lamps, you will also find desk lamps designed to provide more light on the work surface and reduce eye strain.

Modern table lamps can also serve as bedside lamps (also known as "Abat-jour" in French). In this case, they provide softer lighting to prepare for rest at night and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Therefore, there are modern and design table lamps for various purposes and available in all decorating styles.

The Perfect Table Lamp? Discover Our Best Sellers

A design table lamp is an essential furnishing accessory for decorating office desks or homes. If you're unsure which one to choose from the numerous products on our website, we recommend two Best Sellers of 2021. The Overlay Slamp table lamp, made of technopolymer and brass, features Lentiflex effects that offer even and warm illumination, now available at a discounted price of €3,747.56 instead of €3,900.

Another prized piece in our catalog is the Ruspa by Martinelli Luce lamp, made with painted metal structure and two adjustable spotlights, available at a launch price of €2,842.91 instead of €3,790.

In this section, you'll also find all the table lamps from beloved Italian brands: Bonaldo, Bontempi, Cantori, Cattelan, Cii & Nils, Khilia, Fiam, Midj, MyYour, Slamp, Plust, Slide, Tomasucci, Tonelli, and Tonin Casa.

How to Choose a Design Table Lamp for Your Home Desk?

The choice of a table lamp is crucial both for the style of decoration and its primary lighting function. The first question to ask is whether you primarily want a decorative or functional lamp? Or perhaps both?

If aesthetics are your priority, we recommend brands like Slamp and Khilia, which focus primarily on design and aesthetic beauty. On the other hand, if you're looking for functionality as well, we suggest checking out products from Martinelli Luce. They offer modern and functional design lamps, complete with LED lighting kits, wireless lamps, WiFi-enabled or rechargeable battery lamps for maximum comfort and aesthetics.

Many models in our catalog come with additional features, such as smartphone charging, advanced USB ports, customizable lighting colors, and cutting-edge technology for maximum comfort during working hours.

Table Lamps, A Must-Have for Home Decor

Table lamps are a must for decorating office desks. We have numerous models to satisfy any style and need: modern lamps, classic lamps, industrial style, vintage, minimalistic, shabby-chic, Scandinavian, retro, and more.

We offer a curated selection of table lamps made of metal, steel, glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, and rattan. These are unique and stylish, both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We have bedside lamps, lamps for writing desks, corner desks, reading lamps, perfect for the living room or kitchen, technological lamps with advanced functions, and much more.

All our products related to lighting are available for immediate delivery, and you can purchase them online at very advantageous prices. We offer secure online payments via PayPal and credit cards, bank transfers in advance, or cash on delivery, with shipping throughout Italy.

The Unmistakable Style of Modern Table Lamps

Compared to classic models, modern table lamps can provide a warm and sophisticated atmosphere in any room. They decorate the environment with style and elegance. They are perfect for creating an ambiance in every area of the house, from the study for work to children's bedrooms, the living room, or the kitchen. Discover our unique table lamps with distinctive designs and LED lighting kits for maximum energy savings.

You will find uniquely designed lamps, such as those shaped like animals, lamps with feather lampshades, LED lamps with sinuous shapes, those made with wooden blocks, in the form of plants, and much more.

The Most Beautiful Rotaliana Desk Lamps of 2022, Modern and Technological

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Martinelli Luce: Lighting and Lamps on Arredare Moderno

Committed to offering the best furniture brands, Arredare Moderno is an official dealer of Martinelli Luce and offers a wide range of Martinelli lamps, including table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, and pendant lamps. The selection is extensive to cater to any desire for illuminating your home with design and quality.

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