There are several types of spotlights on the market: recessed, ceiling, fixed and adjustable spotlights. Generally, they have an internal structure that supports the lamp and can be made of plaster, metal, steel or another material as long as it has heat-resistant characteristics so as to withstand the heat of the lamp and the weight of the spotlight. The body of the spotlight, called flange, is instead in anodized aluminum or stainless steel and allows you to adjust the heat dispersion, while the recessed projector (if present) directs the light beam. The main feature of the spotlights is to direct the light where it is needed, at the precise point that we want to illuminate and highlight.

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Indice Cini & Nils Spotlight

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Indice Cini & Nils Spotlight

Regular price €48.80 -15% Price €41.48
Indice Cini & Nils Spotlight, for plasterboard false ceilings. Available round or square, fixed and adjustable to design diffused and asymmetric light beams.

Modern spotlights can be fixed or recessed into any surface, such as ceilings and false ceilings, wooden panels, shelves, walls and even floors if you decide to direct the light beam from the bottom up.

The recessed spotlights can be positioned so that the light is more internal than the lamp, in this way the light source remains recessed and the lighting more homogeneous. In addition to recessing, the spotlights can be simply placed on the wall, also creating compositions.

Then there are the fixed spotlights that don’t allow the beam of light to be oriented, while the adjustable ones can be rotated 360 ° along the vertical and horizontal axis so as to direct the light in the desired area thanks to the cone in the lower part that allows precisely the movement.

Even the spotlights can be made in various shapes and styles, to adapt to any environment.

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