The floor lamps have a base for support on the ground, as their name reminds us.
Depending on the height you choose, they help to change the lighting of the environment. Modern floor lamps are very versatile and easy to position, as they do not require the intervention of a technician to install them and can be placed in various contexts: near a table, an armchair or a sofa, to enhance a certain point of the room.

Generally, design floor lamps are placed in the living area of the house to make the room warmer and more welcoming.

Among the most common types of modern floor lamps we find arc lamps, designed to illuminate fairly large spaces and to give movement to the environment (very used in living rooms next to sofas), and lamps with adjustable arm with adjustable light beam, which they allow you to use a different intensity of lighting in different points of the room (for example in the dining rooms where there is a table).

Furthermore, the floor lamps are an important complement of design furniture available in various styles to meet all needs.

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