Ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps

Among the various lighting systems we also find the ceiling lamps. They light up from above like chandeliers, but unlike the latter, they also adapt to spaces with a low ceiling where installing a common suspension lamp becomes rather complicated. In fact, ceiling lamps are presented as applique lamps but positioned on the ceiling.
The size of the ceiling lamps can vary, from the smallest to the largest: obviously the dimensions must be chosen in proportion to the environment in question.

In the past, the ceiling light meant the classic simple and linear dome placed on the ceiling. Today, on the other hand, various types of design ceiling lamps are made, to adapt well to the style of furniture present in the room, which can be modern or classic.
The design of the lamp, therefore, must always be taken into consideration, because like all types of lamps, modern ceiling lights also constitute an ornamental element in the home.


Floed Kundalini Lamp

Floed Kundalini Lamp , wall and ceiling lamp dimmable for indoors. 2 different light sources. Base finish in bronze.

Tick Rotaliana Lamp

€262.30 -20% €209.84
Tick Rotaliana Lamp, for interiors with indirect wall and ceiling light. Die-cast aluminum structure. Different finishes...

Collide Rotaliana Lamp

€274.50 -20% €219.60
Collide Rotaliana Lamp, wall and ceiling with indirect light for interiors. Aluminum frame. Dimmable with the Phase control....

Assolo Cini & Nils Ceiling Lamp

€713.70 -15% €606.65
Assolo Cini & Nils Ceiling Lamp, for interiors, indirect light with a compact and linear design. Available in two sizes...

NewComponi200 Cini & Nils Lamp

€500.20 -15% €425.17
NewComponi200 Cini & Nils Lamp, for interior wall and ceiling with lighting rotation on 360 ° in different finishes....

Componi75 Cini & Nils Lamp

€445.30 -15% €378.51
Componi75 Cini & Nils Lamp , for indoor wall and ceiling with lighting rotation in different finishes. Source with G9...

Gradi Cini & Nils Lamp

€312.32 -15% €265.47
Gradi Cini & Nils Lamp, for indoor wall and dimmable ceiling lamp. Structured in steel in different versions, dimensions...

Incontro Cini & Nils Lamp

€311.10 -15% €264.44
Incontro Cini & Nils Lamp, wall and ceiling with reflected and indirect light for interiors. Characterized by two...

FormaLa Cini & Nils Lamp

€640.50 -15% €544.43
FormaLa Cini & Nils Lamp, ceiling and wall, for interiors with direct and indirect light. FormaLa is a steel strip of...

Fludd Cini & Nils Lamp

€652.70 -15% €554.80
Fludd Cini & Nils Lamp, suspension and ceiling lamps for interiors with diffused light. Dimmable by traditional, voice...