Lighting also has the task of enhancing an environment by highlighting the strengths by creating the right atmosphere. A good wall lamp must, in fact, illuminate in an optimal way and at the same time give personality to the room in which it is placed, thanks to its design and its characteristics.

Modern wall lamps, also known by the French term Applique, are distinguished above all by the fact that they don’t have a support base, since they must be fixed to a wall (as their name also suggests). This aspect makes them particularly popular in small environments, such as children's bedrooms, where even the smallest footprint can be a problem.

There are various types of design wall lamps according to the style; however, they all have common characteristics regardless of style, namely:

·         an arm that holds the lamp holder;
·         a hook for fixing to the wall;
·         a lampshade made of various materials.

In addition, among the various types of wall lamps we also find extendable lamps with a movable and extendable zigzag arm, which can be oriented as needed to the point you want to illuminate.

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