Chandelier - Suspension lamps

Chandelier - Suspension lamps

Artificial lighting is an essential element to take into consideration when furnishing an environment.

Generally, to ensure diffused and homogeneous lighting throughout the environment, it is decided to install Chandeliers Suspension lamps as lighting devices. Suspension lamps, as their name suggests, are suspended in the void and have an attachment placed on the ceiling in a barycentric position. This position allows, therefore, to illuminate the whole environment, as it happens with the natural light of the sun that comes from above.

Modern chandelier suspension lamps can be made with one or more elements that descend from the ceiling, depending on how much you want to illuminate the room in question.

Another element not to be underestimated is the design of the lamp and therefore its appearance. The design chandeliers suspension lamps, in addition to being a lighting device, are also furnishing accessories. For this reason, numerous models are made ranging from the most classic to the most modern style, also passing through a contemporary style made of simple but at the same time refined lines.


Spark Bontempi Lamp

€305.00 -25% €228.75
Spark Bontempi Lamp pendant, with dark brass lacquered steel structure and concrete base in various color finishes. 

Blow Bontempi Suspension lamp

€323.30 -25% €242.48
Blow Bontempi Suspension lamp with rosette and structure in natural brass and lampshade in borosilicate glass.