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Modern and Designer Suspension Lamps, Made in Italy

Artificial lighting is an essential element to consider when furnishing a space.
In general, to ensure even and widespread illumination, one decides to install Suspension Lamps as lighting fixtures.
Modern suspension lamps, as their name suggests, are suspended in the air and have a mounting located on the ceiling in a central position. This positioning allows for illuminating the entire space, much like natural sunlight coming from above.


Modern suspension lamps can be made with one or more elements hanging from the ceiling, depending on how much of the space you want to illuminate.

Another crucial element to consider is the design of the lamp and its appearance. In addition to being lighting fixtures, suspension lamps are also interior decor accessories. For this reason, numerous models are created, ranging from classic to modern styles, including contemporary designs characterized by simple yet refined lines.

Modern Suspension Chandeliers for Elegant Spaces

Modern suspension chandeliers add charm, sophistication, and sometimes a touch of romance to any space. On our website, you will find unique models with modern designs, vintage, Scandinavian, retro, minimalistic, industrial styles, crafted from top-quality materials such as metal, tempered glass, aluminum, PVC, or polycarbonate. They are available in various colors and shapes to match your furnishing needs.

What Height Should Suspension Lamps Be Installed?

The height of suspension lamps should be adjusted based on their placement. For example, if they are set too low, they may appear unpleasant and emit insufficient light. However, in some cases, this rule doesn't apply. For instance, if you decide to position them above a table or kitchen peninsula, the general guideline is to have them 80 to 100 cm above the table's surface.

The advantages of using a modern suspension chandelier are numerous. With it, you can illuminate and decorate a room quickly, creating cozy and intimate atmospheres.

Suspended Chandeliers, the Perfect Solution for Interior Lighting

To create a welcoming atmosphere in the dining area or living room at home, you will find kitchen lights with suspension spotlights in this section, all with a modern and sophisticated style. Classic single-block lamps with LED kits for maximum energy savings, suspension chandeliers for bedrooms or office areas, made of crystal, smoked glass, chromed steel, natural fiber lamps for a shabby-chic and trendy style.

We select the best Made in Italy items, unique and luxury brands such as Bonaldo, Bontempi, Catori, Cattelan, Enrico Pellizzoni, Driade, Colico, Midj, MyYour, Pedrali, Rotaliana, Slide, Tomasucci, Tonelli Design, Tonin Casa, and many more.

Where Should Suspension Lamps Be Installed?

Modern suspension lamps are perfect for installation in the kitchen above the peninsula or dining table, in the living room above the sofa, in the bedroom, or bathroom. You can use targeted lighting with narrow optics on the furniture you want to highlight or place them in the center of the room to provide light throughout the space. All models in the Arredare Moderno catalog are fully adjustable in height, with well-concealed electrical cables, allowing you to adjust the light to create the desired aesthetic effect.

Modern Suspended Chandelier and LED Light Kits, Kelvin Measurement, and Durability

Many of the items in this section come with LED light kits for maximum energy efficiency. The term Kelvin found in the technical specifications indicates the color tone and warmth emitted by the bulb. This parameter ranges from 2300k to 6500k. Lower values produce warmer light.

The choice of light warmth is essential for selecting the right lighting for your spaces. If you want warm light, we recommend bulbs in the range of 2700k to 3000k. For a more natural light, consider values from 4000k to 5000k. Finally, for modern or futuristic spaces, bulbs from 5500k to 6500k emit a cool and white light.

The lifespan of a suspended lamp with integrated LED light depends on the technical specifications of the LED bulb included, with usage hours typically exceeding 25,000 hours for domestic use. Proper operation depends on the built-in transformer.

Illuminating the Modern Bedroom with Martinelli Luce: Ideas and Tips

Lighting in a bedroom should be designed to help us relax and get a good night's sleep. In recent years, the bedroom has become more than just a place to sleep; it's where we read, watch TV, or work, either for leisure or professionally. Therefore, bedroom lighting should be uniform, creating a simple yet not overly intense environment.

Fundamental Lighting Rules for Decorating a Modern Living Room

Lighting in a modern living room is a key element of its beauty. Enhancing the right areas with light and choosing suitable lamps based on their function is an aspect not to be overlooked in modern design.

The living area is the most vibrant part of the house, standing out above all. It's where friends and family are welcomed, where relaxation and well-being take place. Due to its versatility, it requires more lighting points to adapt to various situations. Read the full article >>

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