Modern and design kitchen lamps, made in Italy

A wide range of modern and designer kitchen lamps, perfect for lighting up the living room and furnishing the kitchen with style, on Arredare Moderno you will find the best selection of kitchen lamps made in Italy, brands: Bonaldo, Bontempi, Cantori, Cattelan, Cini & Nils, Colico, Driade, Enrico Pellizzoni, Kundalini, Martinelli Luce, Midj, MyYour, Pedrali, Plust Collection, Rotaliana, Serralunga, Slamp, Slide, Tomasucci, Tonelli Design and Tonin Casa.

The hanging chandelier for the kitchen is an element to be chosen with care, given its function of illuminating the dining table during family dinners. Discover all the trendy alternatives proposed in our catalogue, from modern, classic, pendant, industrial style, minimal, shabby, retro, design chandeliers.

Exclusive and whimsical models, designed in Italy and drawn by the best designers on the international scene, perfect for furnishing your kitchen with style and illuminating it appropriately, you will be able to create a magical atmosphere and enhance the delicious look of your dishes.

How to choose a kitchen lamp and at what height to place it?

The choice of a kitchen lamp must mainly satisfy the style of the furniture and the type of lighting we want to give to the dining area. It is very important to purchase a chandelier that allows you to adjust the height from the floor, this is because in the kitchen needs can always change, it is usually advisable to set a minimum height from the table of 145 cm.

Led lamp or halogen bulb?

When you choose to illuminate the kitchen area you have to choose between the Led bulb or the halogen bulb, among the positive sides of the Led light there is certainly the energy saving discourse and the long life of the bulb, on the contrary we prefer the choice of the halogen bulb fixes its attention on the price, cheaper.

The Best Kitchen Chandeliers of 2022

Among the most viewed models of 2022 is the beautiful Koko hanging lamp by Martinelli Luce, with direct light and aluminium structure, 4 finishes available, discounted price of €150.00 instead of €201.00.

In second place among the best-selling kitchen chandeliers on our site is the Luxy H5 Glam Lamp by Rotaliana, with soft direct light, glass diffuser and numerous finishes, discounted price of € 175.0 instead of € 219.00

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