Modern desk lamps, Italian design, offers from 20% to 40%.

Wide range of modern table lamps, designer desk lamps, designed in Italy by the best designers on the international scene, we carefully select the best products: Cattelan Italia, Cini & Nils, Colico, Driade, Enrico Pellizzoni, Khilia, Martinelli Luce, Midj, Plust, Rotaliana, Slamp, Slide, Tomasucci, Tonin Casa and many others.

Led desk lamps, wired or wireless, for all tastes

Better a functional or decorative lamp? With or without wires? led or halogen light? The important thing before choosing the right lamp for your needs is to understand its use in order to make the best choice, whether you are buying the lamp for work or decorative reasons, or for both perhaps.

Decorative lamps are perfect to complete your home décor, available in different models and styles, from classic to vintage, modern to minimal, available with LED light kits, single-colour or multi-colour.

For working and studying, the correct lighting is very important, as they reflect light onto books or monitors without straining the eyesight too much.

To meet all requirements we have selected design and technology lamps, functional and aesthetically beautiful models. Among the most versatile lamps we find adjustable lamps, lamps with clamp, with an adjustable arm, then we have desk lamps with soft light so as not to create reflections on monitors, modern design swivel table lamps, with fabric or glass shade, elegant and functional at the same time.

Technological lamps with various USB sockets for recharging, working wirelessly, with rechargeable batteries, convenient to use on your desk at home and always carry with you even when travelling.

Desk lamps, how are they made? Materials

The selected products in our catalogue are of high quality, space-saving, emit a precise and flexible light, have a neat and futuristic design, the modern table lamp creates a professional and elegant atmosphere, perfect for the office or home desk.

The materials used are of the highest quality, we have modern design lamps in metal, wood, with diffusers and lampshades in glass or fabric, modern desk lamps in brushed steel, aluminium, perfect for the industrial or shabby chic style.

Vintage, classic and modern desk lamps, how to choose?

The style of desk lamps must be personal and linked to the type of furnishing, we have modern linear lamps, classic and traditional lamps, with vintage or rustic design, lamps with LED light kit or halogen bulb, the former are chosen above all for their great energy saving and lower environmental impact, on the contrary halogen lamps are cheaper and have a shorter life cycle.

Our designers and experts offer designer desk lamps with a focus on current trends, with a balanced compromise between functionality and comfort.

The importance of a good desk lamp

When working or studying, the natural light or the light emitted by the ceiling light is not enough. To avoid straining your eyesight, it is a good idea to use a desk lamp that emits a precise and non-dazzling light, thus avoiding the onset of discomfort and headaches.

Is it possible to replace the bulb?

Most of our desk lamps can be replaced, some models, however, have a fixed, built-in LED lamp, with the advantage of compact technology and better design.

Buy your new modern desk lamp online at really cheap prices, we accept secure online payments by credit or debit card, bank transfer in advance, cash on delivery, instalment payments, shipments throughout Italy in 24/48 hours.

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