Modern ball lamps, pendant and floor lamps, for indoor and outdoor furnishing

A wide selection of modern and design ball lamps, pendant and floor spheres, perfect for stylish indoor and outdoor furnishing, designed in Italy by the best brands on the national scene: Bonaldo, Bontempi, Cantori, Cattelan, Cini & Nils, Colico, Driade, Khilia, Kundalini, MyYour, Pedrali, Rotaliana, Serraluga, Slamp, Tomasucci, Tonin Varaschin and many others.

Modern spherical chandeliers and spherical floor lamps are versatile and decorative, perfect for furnishing the garden, the living room at home, the entrance area, a suggestive source of light that creates cladi and refined environments, they release an elegant and fashionable light, 

Small lights of great impact, to be placed on the sideboard, on the desk, in a corner of the living room, on the coffee table, refined decorations in metal, with wooden base, in polycarbonate or PVC, complete with LED light kit or available with halogen bulbs.

In our catalogue you will find spherical pathway lamps, wall lamps for the front of the house, for garden paths, also perfect for decorating the interior or exterior space of a bar, restaurant, lounge bar and commercial activity, spherical lamps with a stem, spherical pendant spotlights, ceiling ball lamps, modern spherical chandeliers.

Innovative and technological ball lamps

Some ball lamp models on our website feature high-tech functionality with smart functions to change colour, controllable via smartphone APP or remote control, perfect for managing lamps in the garden or home from afar.

The best ball lamps of 2022, Best seller

Among the most exclusive sphere lamps of 2022 we find the Blaux lamp by Modum, made entirely of polypropylene, perfect for outdoors or indoors, with RGB LED kit, discounted price of €31.06 instead of €41.00.

Another very popular model is the Moon Kloris ball lamp made with a structure completely in polyethylene in various colours and finishes, available at the price of 76.00€ instead of 109.00€.

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