Wooden tables: modern design, extendable, solid and raw wood

Wide range of wooden tables with a modern, elegant and contemporary design, with soft and refined shapes, the best Italian brands are selected on Arredare Moderno: Cattelan, Bonaldo, Midj, Altacom, Casprini and many others.

The wooden tables of Arredare Moderno are available in different materials: from chestnut to larch wood, the classic oak wood and the refined red cedar of Lebanon.

Available for purchase dining tables, living room tables, kitchen tables, rustic wooden tables, perfect for decorating all environments regardless of the style used.

Industrial style tables, low and high, with iron and steel base, modern tables in solid wood, resistant and durable, available in different combinations, colors and materials.

Dining tables: modern style, Outlet

Choosing the design of the dining table well is essential for every environment, for this reason on Arredare Moderno only the most popular wooden models on the market are selected, with the possibility of choosing the style that best suits home furnishings, from industrial to vintage or Nordic ... Tables in noble wood, solid wood, olive wood and resin, perfect for expressing any personal style.

Wooden tables are offered with outlet prices, the best ones that can be purchased on the web, secure payments and fast shipping in Italy and abroad.

Solid wood tables, extendable, rustic and rough, buying guide

Solid wood tables, extendable and fixed, made with chestnut, larch, oak, iroko, walnut, Swedish pine, possibility to choose the finishes such as: chestnut, natural wood, oak, teak, dark walnut and light walnut, productions handcrafted, with high quality materials, the refined design in a modern key.

The products displayed on Arredare Moderno evoke sharing, dialogue and conviviality, they are perfect for all environments, from the home kitchen to the office, indispensable furnishings for bars, restaurants and commercial premises, they offer unprecedented tactile, olfactory and visual sensations.

The collection of solid wood tables includes numerous models with shades, chromatic colors and details that make the real difference, thanks to the particular properties of solid wood, which is alive and modifiable over time.

Wooden tables with a made in Italy design, for the kitchen and dining room

Only made in Italy, on Arredare Moderno we select the most popular trendy brands in Italy and outside, which exhibit innovative products, with a unique, original and refined design, from Scab Design to Cattelan, Bontempi and Midj, Ingenia, Colico, Driade and many others.

Industrial style wooden tables

The industrial-style wooden tables are characterized by a modern and at the same time vintage and lived-in look, with a strictly iron base and solid wood or oak top, they are perfect for open space kitchens and dining rooms, open spaces, from the living room with colors and furniture that refer to the furnishings of New York of the 50s / 60s, also very popular in Italy.

Advice and insights:

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Extendable Design Tables: Best Brands and Price

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