Natural solid wood cupboards, made in Italy

The best wooden cupboards made in Italy, beautiful and functional, perfect to complete the furnishing of the kitchen or dining room, available in solid wood, mahogany, walnut, red oak, ash, birch, maple, cherry, beech, teak, East Indian rosewood, spruce, cedar, latrice.

On Arredare Moderno you can buy the most beautiful solid or natural wood cupboards at really cheap prices, also made to measure, high or low sideboards, with 4 doors, 2 doors, TV stand, antique, modern or retro style, with display cabinet and marble or PVC top, perfect for any furnishing style.

Light or dark wooden cupboards, refined furniture, perfect for storing kitchen utensils, plates and glasses, cutlery, beautiful and useful, equipped with internal drawers, object holders, doors with classic or concealed closing, modern cupboards, inexpensive, purchasable online in just a few clicks.

Wooden cupboard, types and prices

How to choose a natural wooden sideboard for your home?

The traditional cupboard for storing cutlery and crockery continues to play a leading role in our homes. On Arredare Moderno you will find numerous classic or modern wooden models, with or without riser, with hinged or sliding doors.

The solid wood sideboards proposed on our site are perfectly suited to the kitchen or dining room, with variable and customisable dimensions, both in height and depth.

Design models made in Italy, elegant and timeless, with innovative shapes and modern lines, versatile, display cupboards, in industrial, minimal, classic style, completely made of wood or with metal finishes, you can choose the type of wood:

  • solid wood
  • beech
  • fir
  • oak
  • birch

You can choose the colour and finish directly on the product page.

For those who are fond of classic and vintage style, we propose the Hilton model produced by Cattalan Italia, a sideboard with display cabinet, painted white or matt white, with doors and internal shelves, transparent crystal glass and internal led lights to enhance the most exclusive tableware.

How to clean a solid wood cupboard? 

Cleaning the wood is very important to keep your sideboard in good condition. To remove dust on the surface, you could use a spray with water and lemon, a few drops of marseille soap and a dash of olive oil.

For lacquered wooden furniture that has scratches on the surface, you could use a butter stick to wipe over the damaged part, or alternatively wax crayons of the same colour as the wood, to be dissolved in water.

We recommend always using a sanitised microfibre cloth, alternatively a non-woven cloth, which is perfect for cleaning natural wood cupboards.

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