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Wooden bookcases, modern and design, made in Italy

Choose a wooden bookcase among the proposals of Arredare Moderno, first quality furniture, made in Italy, perfect for enhancing your home, thanks to contemporary, modern lines, or industrial or classic style, modular bookcases, design, with ladder, with display case, wall-mounted.

Solid wood bookcases, functional and economical

The wooden bookcases you can buy on our website are beautiful and functional, made in different types of finishes: solid wood, mahogany, walnut, red oak, ash, birch, beech, teak, East Indian rosewood, Parana pine, East white pine, spruce, larch, western tsuga and many others.

Modern, innovative, beautifully designed bookcases, complete with doors, shelves, drawers, high and low components, perfect for storing books and magazines, albums, framed photos, decorative knick-knacks.

Wooden bookcases for all styles

You will find wooden bookcases suitable for all furniture styles: vintage, classic, industrial, modern, Nordic design, which will add character and warmth to your living room.

Elegant and retro-style bookcases, modular for modern and sophisticated furniture, with steel finishes and display cabinets for an industrial style home.

If in the past the wooden bookcase was only intended for the living area, today it is often used in every room of the house, even in the entrance area or bedrooms.

Living room models remain the most popular, perfect for storing books or magazines and for use as a decorative element, functional and space-saving thanks to add-on components such as drawers and sliding doors.

The best wooden bookcases 2022

Among the best-selling wooden bookcases in 2022 on Arredare Moderno we highlight the Suite model by the brand Midj, made of ash wood, with metal shelves, a modern and stylish piece of furniture, at a base price of €1,655.04.

The second best-selling and most popular model is the Blabla bookcase by the Bonaldo brand, with a wooden structure and metal shelves, available in various finishes and colours, perfect for contemporary style, at the discounted price of €2,057.36

How to clean a wooden bookcase?

There are many products for cleaning wood on the market  , the best in our opinion are always the natural ones, for example the classic washing with water and vinegar, or bicarbonate of soda, if the furniture has scratches or scuffs.

Another grandmother's method is the use of linseed oil and turpentine, to be mixed and wiped on the furniture with a woollen or microfibre cloth.

Bookcases: how to choose the most suitable one?

With the spread of e-books, there is almost a feeling that the book is an object destined for extinction. On the contrary, books still have their charm and make the bookcase a fundamental and characterising element in our homes. 

But how do you choose the most suitable bookcase? Read the full article on our blog.