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Kitchen Rugs: When an Accessory Is Essential

If we take a moment to reflect, all rooms in the house can accommodate a rug, including the kitchen. Whether purely decorative or strictly functional, the kitchen rug is an indispensable accessory. Typically, from a chronological point of view, the choice of the rug comes after the purchase of all furniture and furnishings. In fact, it's advisable to first choose the style and colors, and then select curtains and kitchen rugs. The essential features we should consider before buying a kitchen rug are durability, ease of cleaning, and simplicity of washing. This is because the kitchen is perhaps the most frequently visited space throughout the day, so the numerous footsteps must be met with a resilient and cushioning rug.


Kitchen rugs are made of cotton or other easy-to-maintain materials, making them washing machine-friendly, possibly flat-woven. Not just cotton: there are many natural fibers like jute, bamboo, or sisal, a fiber derived from the Mexican agave plant. They are very easy to wash with water and soap, and they are also durable and resistant. Kitchen rugs made of polypropylene and polyester are also recommended for highly trafficked areas like the kitchen, as continuous foot traffic, rubbing, and folding do not affect their appearance in any way.

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