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Noctis Storage Beds, What They Are and Types

Noctis storage beds, also known as beds with storage compartments, are an extremely functional furniture solution that allows you to optimize space in your bedroom. In addition to providing a comfortable place to rest, this type of bed includes a large hidden storage space under the mattress. This compartment can be used to store sheets, blankets, pillows, seasonal clothing, and anything else that might clutter your room.

There are various types of storage beds, each with unique features. For example, there are models with top-opening mechanisms where the mattress lifts to access the space below. Other models feature side or front drawers that can be easily opened to access the storage compartment.

There are also storage beds with motorized lifting mechanisms for effortless access. In terms of design, storage beds can range from traditional to modern, from minimalist to luxurious, and can be made with a variety of materials, including wood, metal, leather, or fabric, to perfectly suit your personal style and furnishing needs.

Top Noctis Products, Best Sellers on Arredare Moderno

Noctis Sommier H27 Bed

Looking for a bed that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional? Let yourself be enchanted by the Noctis Sommier H27 Bed, the perfect solution for those seeking luxury comfort and sophisticated design. This extraordinary one-and-a-half bed harmoniously blends with the decor of your room, thanks to its endless customization options that include a wide range of fabrics and feet.

But the Sommier is not only beautiful to look at, it's also incredibly practical. Equipped with an under-bed storage compartment, it offers extra hidden storage space, ideal for keeping your room tidy and organized. And there's more! The bed features the revolutionary Folding Box system, an innovation that will change your cleaning routine. With a simple cord, you can unroll the PVC bottom panel, greatly facilitating daily cleaning. Don't settle for the ordinary, choose the Noctis Sommier H27 Bed where design meets functionality.

Noctis Giulia Bed

If you're looking for a bed that combines elegance, comfort, and durability, the Noctis Giulia Bed is the right choice for you. This wonderful one-and-a-half bed enchants with its padded headboard and refined quilted stitching, adding a touch of class to your room and ensuring unparalleled comfort.

The Giulia Bed is more than just a bed: it's a design masterpiece that saves space without sacrificing comfort. The opening system of the storage compartment is available in two versions: "Box Plus," which offers a perimeter iron structure that connects the headboard, side panels, and footboard, giving the bed undeniable solidity; and the "Box Plus Confort" version, with a parallel opening system of the bed base that will surprise you with its practicality.

Noctis Tango S Bed

The Noctis Tango S Bed is a true symbol of timeless elegance, a design gem designed for those who appreciate enduring style and high-level comfort. This one-and-a-half bed stands out with its unique headboard, slightly narrower than the side cushions, which seem almost embedded within the bed, creating an unforgettable visual charm.

But the attraction doesn't stop at aesthetics. In addition to being extremely elegant, this bed is also extraordinarily functional. Its perimeter iron structure, available in the "Box Plus" version, connects the headboard, side panels, and footboard, giving the bed incredible sturdiness. Furthermore, its opening system, with automatically engaging piston, or the "Box Plus Confort" option with parallel opening of the bed base, ensures easy and effortless access to the internal storage compartment.

In a word, the Noctis Tango S Bed is more than just a bed: it's an emblem of sophistication and practicality, a statement of style for your bedroom. Don't settle for less, choose the Noctis Tango S Bed for a sleeping experience like never before.

Dimensions of One-and-a-Half, Standard, and King Size Beds

One-and-a-half beds are a popular choice for those seeking more space than a standard single bed but don't have enough space for a double bed. These beds are ideal for teenagers, college students, or singles who desire more space.

The standard dimensions for a one-and-a-half bed, also known as a "French bed," are generally around 120 cm in width by 190-200 cm in length. These measurements may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and country, so it's always best to check the specific dimensions when purchasing a bed.

As for king-size beds, they are larger and ideal for those who desire ample sleeping space. The standard dimensions of a king-size bed are generally around 180-200 cm in width by 200 cm in length. Once again, these measurements may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and country.

In both cases, it's important to consider not only the bed dimensions but also the available space in your bedroom. Remember to leave enough room to move comfortably around the bed and for other furniture in the room.

Decorating the Bedroom with Noctis Beds: Ideas and Tips

Decorating your bedroom with Noctis beds can truly transform the space into a sanctuary of comfort and style. Here are some ideas and tips to make the most out of it:

  1. Choose the right bed: Noctis offers a variety of beds to choose from, ranging from functional storage beds to those with unique design details. Consider the available space and your personal style when selecting the perfect bed. For example, the Noctis Tango S Bed with its unique headboard can add an elegant touch to your bedroom.

  2. Play with fabrics and colors: Noctis beds offer various customization options, including fabrics and colors. You can choose from a variety of fabrics for the bed's headboard, from bold colors to neutral tones, to create the desired atmosphere.

  3. Optimize space: If your bedroom is small, Noctis storage beds can be an ideal solution. They provide ample hidden storage space for sheets, blankets, and other items, helping you keep the room tidy and organized.

  4. Coordinate furnishings: Ensure that your new Noctis bed blends well with the other furniture in your bedroom. For example, if you've chosen a bed with metal feet, it might be a good idea to select bedside tables or a wardrobe with metal details for a coordinated look.

  5. Consider comfort: Last but not least, remember that the bedroom should be a place of relaxation and rest. Make sure to choose a comfortable and high-quality mattress for your Noctis bed to ensure a restful sleep.

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