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Natural Zebra antishock Stool Scab

Natural Zebra antishock Stool Scab

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Natural Zebra Shockproof Stool Scab with beech legs, chromed steel foorests and polycarbonate shell.

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Natural Zebra Shockproof Stool Scab    

Stool with modern design, suitable for different environment. It is perfect for indoor use, also for bar and restaurants.


The shell is in POLYCARBONATE of the best quality certified and complies with European directives. The frame has 4 legs in beech and footrest in chromed steel.

Shell finishes:

  • White
  • Turtledove

Structure finishes:

  • Natural beech
  • Wenge beech

All polycarbonate products are made with Makrolon from BAYER MaterialScience, a market leader in raw materials such as polycarbonates, with a special focus on protecting the environment as it is a completely recyclable material. Its brand is synonymous with guarantee and safety all over the world.


Available in two sizes:

Model h. 68:
Backrest height: 104 cm
Seat height: 68 cm
Seat width: 46 cm
Seat depth: 50 cm

Model h. 78:
Backrest height: 114 cm
Seat height: 78 cm
Seat width: 48 cm
Seat depth: 50 cm




Estimated time for delivery 10-15 working days since received payment.



Scab Design: Chairs, Stools, Bar Tables, Swings Online

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Scab Design: quality furnishing accessories since 1957


Scab Design is a leading Italian brand in the production of high quality furnishing accessories for the home and garden. It has managed to build a positive reputation, keeping its credibility intact over the years, thanks to the attention to every detail, the refined manufacturing process and the use of ever new technologies.

Scab was the pioneer in the treatment of thermoplastic materials: in fact, it had been exploring their functional characteristics and expressive potential already in the early 1970s. Igloo chair, scab chair ideal for the dining room, for its simple but refined lines all made in Italy.

A symbol of this initiative is “Patty”, a folding resin armchair suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to its resistance to UV rays. This product was the founder of a series of furnishing accessories, such as the glenda chair, the igloo stools, the chaise longue, the upholstered chair, the chairs with armrests, also made of transparent polycarbonate, which would have redefined the aesthetic canons of the time. . After 50 years of success, in 2010 Scab decided to expand its range of furniture, launching a complete line of chairs, stools and tables made with polymers and technopolymers.


All Scab Design products stand out thanks to their comfort, resistance, contemporary aesthetics and practicality. They are almost all made of thermoplastic material. The elegant and minimalist design reveals an in-depth culture of design and constant attention to new trends, which are increasingly oriented towards the union of pleasure and comfort. The new Scab Design collections are the result of experimentation combined with the ability to intercept new trends. All Scab Design products are recyclable, as the components can be separated easily, favoring proper recycling. Garden chairs, such as folding chairs or normal scab chairs, are comfortable and practical, perfect for the summer season.


Led by the creative mind of the architect Luisa Battaglia, an international team of researchers and designers has had the ability to understand the real needs of customers, going beyond the trends of the moment, and to always offer the best in terms of quality, at the price. more competitive. The furniture components included in the Design line are all original SCAB models. They were designed and built in collaboration with the CATAS test laboratory. Furthermore, they are protected by patents of form and exclusive rights and are subjected to rigorous procedures for quality control. Bayer has recognized the quality of Scab products, granting them a license to use the Makrolon brand on all products made of polycarbonate. This is a further guarantee of the uniqueness and reliability of Scab products. All Scab Design products are designed by the architect Luisa Battaglia, Roberto Semprini, Arter & Citton and the Scab Style Center.

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Natural Zebra antishock Stool Scab

Natural Zebra Shockproof Stool Scab with beech legs, chromed steel foorests and polycarbonate shell.

material samples

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