The best modern and design single container beds, Made in Italy

A wide catalogue of modern and design single container beds, available in many colours and types, sommier single beds, upholstered, elegant, made in Italy, a selection of the best brands such as Bolzan letti, Bonaldo Arredamenti, Cantori letti, Cattelan Italia, Felis mobili, Itamoby, Noctis and Tomasucci.

We are always attentive to furnishing trends, which is why on our online shop you will find a collection of modern and design containter single beds, always up-to-date and trendy proposals for furnishing children's or guest bedrooms in the best possible way.

Storage box, a modern space-saving system

The storage box installed in the bed frame is a very practical system that saves space by exploiting the space available under the mattress.

The single storage bed also uses this mechanism; some models have an upholstered bed frame, others are made of wood, metal or wrought iron.

We also have single container beds with double movement, where the mattress can be placed in the raised but upright position, this system is great for making the bed without having to bend over with your back.

All models have a fully removable storage box base, this allows for quick and easy cleaning under the bed.

Single beds with storage drawers, the trendy models

As an alternative to the classic storage box, we propose beds with storage drawers, with side or front opening, with the possibility of deciding the number of drawers and the opening system. Available in different sizes and finishes, fully customisable, you will have access to detailed product sheets, complete with photos, technical specifications, and reviews from customers who have already purchased the product.

Why choose a single container bed?

The single bed with storage is not only a comfortable solution but also very practical, allowing you to order and store in the box under the bed: spare sheets, pillow covers, blankets and plaids but also out-of-season clothing, toys and various objects.

The ideal solution for furnishing your children's room in style, all the models available are fully customisable, you can choose the upholstery cover and colour choosing from natural leather, nubuck leather, organic eco-leather, standard or fine fabrics, quilted, velvet.

The dimensions of the single container bed

Let's start with the standard sizes of the single mattress, the width varies from 80 cm to 90 cm, while the length varies from 190 cm to 200 cm, so there are four alternatives: 80 cm x 190 cm, 80 cm x 200 cm, 90 cm x 190 cm or 90 cm x 200 cm.

Special sizes are also available, such as those called King Size from 90 x 210 cm or 90 x 220 cm.

These measurements, however, only refer to those of the mattress and slats, but do not take into account those of the bed frame, which in some cases can increase the volume by 20 or 30 cm in length and 10 to 20 cm in width, depending on the model chosen.

Single beds: the main features and different models

The single bed is ideal for furnishing a small bedroom for one or more children, but is also suitable for a guest room or for furnishing shared rooms. What are the main features and the different models in which this versatile piece of furniture is available? Here are the measurements, styles and photos of the single beds available on Arredare Moderno. Read more >>

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