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Have you ever dreamed of bringing a touch of Italian elegance to your bathroom? With, that dream becomes a reality. Our selection of shower soap dishes is not just a functional accessory: it's a piece of art, a symbol of refined design, and a testament to high-class Italian craftsmanship.

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Touch A46110 Inda Soap Dish

Regular price €101.84 -12% Price €89.62

Touch A46110 Inda Soap Dish

Regular price €101.84 -12% Price €89.62
Touch Inda soap dish A46110. Wall mounted. Structure in chromed metal. Frosted glass basin. Innovative design for designer bathrooms.
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Touch A4611M Inda Soap Dish

Regular price €84.34 -12% Price €74.22

Touch A4611M Inda Soap Dish

Regular price €84.34 -12% Price €74.22
Touch Inda A4611M soap dish. Wall structure in chromed metal. Basin in chromed brass. Innovative design for designer bathrooms.
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Ph Geelli Soap Dish

Regular price €48.19 -28% Price €34.70

Ph Geelli Soap Dish

Regular price €48.19 -28% Price €34.70
Ph Geelli Soap Dish, adhesive wall shelf, available in different colours.

And the best part? They're 100% Made in Italy. Whether you're looking for a corner soap dish, a hanging one, or a floor-standing option, you'll find only the best on our shop.

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Shower Soap Dish Hanging, What Are They, Models, and Sizes

When it comes to organizing and decorating the bathroom, every detail matters. An accessory that is often overlooked but can make a big difference in terms of both functionality and aesthetics is the hanging shower soap dish. Here's a brief overview of what they are, the various available models, and common sizes.

What Are They? The hanging shower soap dish is an accessory designed to keep soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other bath products organized inside the shower.

Unlike floor-standing models or those placed along the bathtub edge, these attach to the shower walls, glass doors, or directly to the showerhead, optimizing space and keeping products easily accessible. They are especially useful in small bathrooms or narrow showers where floor space is limited.

Models There are various models of hanging shower soap dishes, and the choice largely depends on the bathroom's design and personal preferences:

  1. Basket Soap Dish: Usually made of materials like stainless steel, these are among the most common models and may have one or multiple shelves.

  2. Plastic Soap Dish: Lightweight and rust-resistant, they are ideal for those seeking an economical and practical solution.

  3. Adjustable Soap Dish: With extendable arms or modular designs, these allow for greater customization of space.

  4. Suction Cup Soap Dish: They attach to shower walls via suction cups, making them easy to install and remove without the need to drill tiles.

Sizes Sizes can vary considerably depending on the model and desired holding capacity.

While some may be small and designed to hold only a couple of products, others can have larger dimensions with multiple shelves and hooks to accommodate a variety of items.

Typical dimensions range from 20cm to 60cm in height and from 10cm to 30cm in width, but can vary depending on the design and brand.

This item can not only improve the organization and functionality of your shower space but also add a touch of style and elegance. Consider your needs and your bathroom's dimensions when choosing the perfect model for you.

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