Office armchair: modern, ergonomic, made in Italy design

Discover the line of office armchairs by Arredare Moderno, ergonomic, for desk and waiting room, executive, with reclining backrest, presidential, made with top quality upholstery: velvet, leather, eco-leather, fabrics or microfibre.

Comfortable and design office armchairs, modern, classic and vintage armchairs, perfect for renewing your workspace, making the waiting room more pleasant, we have a very varied catalogue to satisfy all tastes.

From elegant leather executive armchairs with comfortable upholstery in an attractive design, operative armchairs with castors and ergonomic backrests to protect the health of employees, to designer waiting room armchairs well designed to provide comfort and add style to the environment.

How to choose an office armchair

It is very important to consider three aspects when choosing an office armchair: the upholstery, which must be comfortable and ergonomic; the backrest, which must be inclinable and adjustable; and, thirdly, the material, which must give the chair elegance and style.

Professional comfortable armchairs

For maximum comfort it is important to choose an ergonomic office armchair, our employees spend many hours sitting in front of a PC, to protect their health it is advisable to purchase armchairs suited to the work environment, allowing them to assume a correct postural position and comfort during the working day.

A good quality office armchair must guarantee a comfortable sitting position and avoid any risks and back pain.

Our office armchairs are made with top quality materials, making them comfortable and durable over time. We select the best-selling and most requested articles not only in Italy but all over Europe, thanks to the collaboration with the most popular brands such as Driade, Scab Design, Colico, Cattelan, Midj and many others.

Furnishing the Home Office with office armchairs proposed by Arredare Moderno

The home office is a very important space in the home and today more than ever. Furnishing the home office means creating an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and comfortable, a room that is comfortable and stimulates productivity. In the home office one spends several hours of the day and it is therefore absolutely essential that one sits in maximum comfort. Here is how to furnish the home office with the office chairs proposed by Arredare Moderno. Read more >>

Midj office armchair, the best office design

You spend most of your day in the office, or home office. This is why it is essential that it is furnished with care. Every piece of furniture must be designed and studied not only from an aesthetic and stylistic point of view, but also from a functional point of view and therefore in relation to comfort. In the office, an absolutely fundamental piece of furniture is seating. But which one should you choose? read the full article >>

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