Modern shelves, made in Italy design

Discover our collection of modern shelves, a furnishing complement always present in every home, indispensable, functional, made in Italy design. 

Alternative solutions to classic shelves, with the appeal of modern and particular design, shelves capable of attracting attention, perfect for any furnishing style, a unique and assorted collection, thanks to the collaboration with luxury and trendy brands: Cattelan Italia, Driade, Bontempi, Bonaldo, Kundalini and many others.

Modern shelves in the most bizarre and extravagant shapes, such as those in crystal and glass, minimal and elegant at the same time, the most interesting proposals on the Italian scene, competitive prices and the possibility of paying the full amount directly online on our website.

Metal, glass or wood shelves

A wide range of wall shelves in glass, metal, wood and plexiglass, special, functional, perfect for organising spaces in the best way, where you can store your best-loved books, personal items, photos and chronicles, floor plans and much more.

You will find the very popular corner shelves, made-to-measure shelves, to better manage the spaces in your home, from the bathroom to the bedrooms, modular solutions, in coloured wood, that give creativity to the environment thanks to their unique and spectacular design.

You can purchase flexible wall shelves, in methacrylate or pvc, transparent or coloured, in combination with your modern bookcase, or those in steel, elegant and with clean and soft lines, perfect for industrial and minimal style environments.

Shelves are furniture solutions that cannot be missing in the home, they allow you to store objects, reorganise spaces, decorate walls, with infinite shapes and top quality materials that blend in with all environments.

Kitchen shelves, which are the best?

To make your kitchen pleasant and functional, you could use shelves, a multifunctional piece of furniture that enhances your living room by making it more harmonious.

Shelves for the kitchen must be sturdy and medium-sized to best contain food, dishes, and small appliances such as the coffee machine. Among the most popular models on our website are cube-shaped wooden ones, or metal shelves that amplify the light in the kitchen.

You can arrange them in pairs, symmetrically or asymmetrically, and choose the colour that best suits your kitchen, from gold to classic grey, depending on the style and colour of the coffee table or possible peninsula.

Furthermore, all models of modern shelves can be used in all areas of the home, modern shelves for the living room at super competitive prices, on sale online.

Modern shelves for the bathroom, discover our proposal

The proposal dedicated to the bathroom is very rich and full of style, modern bathroom shelves are solutions that can help to better organise spaces and create harmony and practicality at the same time.

We have shelves for the bathroom in wood or glass, to be accompanied by design mirrors perfect for every style, from classic to vintage, industrial or minimal, light shelves in metal or thicker in wood, with LED lights, wall supports.

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