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On Arredare Moderno you can buy modern and design kitchen tables from the best Italian brands: Cattelan, Bontempi, Midj, Driade, Fiam, Colico, Bonaldo, divided by models, sizes and materials: extendable kitchen tables, in wood or glass, from work, high and low tables, with and without drawers, marble tables, wall tables.

If you are looking for the perfect kitchen table for home decor you are in the right place, in this section we have selected kitchen and dining room tables, available for 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 people, flexible tables, with a modern and refined design, versatile, for every type of need.

From elegant and refined transparent glass tables to solid wood solutions, durable and easy to combine with the style of the kitchen, proposals for style, quality and convenience, outlet prices.

What aspects to consider when choosing a kitchen table?

It is absolutely not necessary to choose the table only on the basis of aesthetic taste, the factors to keep in mind are numerous, for example the height of the table and the chairs to match, to avoid bumping with the legs on the lower part, or the position of the arms forces us to assume an incorrect and unnatural position.

Another aspect to consider is the number of people who usually use it and those who might come for a family dinner or with work colleges, it is important to buy a table that allows the minimum distance of 60 cm among the various chairs, you could for example opt for an extendable table or a console.

Extendable kitchen tables, in wood and glass, with drawers

The dining table is the central element of the kitchen, especially when we get together with family and friends for a dinner with friends, to solve the problem of seating on Arredare Moderno we have selected the best extendable kitchen tables, modern, contemporary, with a Nordic or industrial style and a design made of essential lines, made of glass or wood, perfect for dinners with many guests, easy to stretch thanks to the latest generation mechanisms.

Marble kitchen tables, elegant and functional

Among our selection could not miss the modern kitchen tables in marble, in white or black, also made to measure, with wooden or aluminum base, with a modern design, resistant and with a strong visual impact, perfect for decorating the dining room with style and elegance.

How to furnish the kitchen with extendable tables and consoles, the tips of Arredare Moderno

The living area is one of the most experienced parts of the house. In particular, the kitchen represents the environment in which not only is dedicated to the preparation of meals, sometimes, when space allows it, it is the room in which you have lunch. The table, with the chairs, therefore represents a fundamental piece of furniture. Read more >>

Midj kitchen tables for a functional dining room

Midj is a leader in the furniture sector and creates innovative and trendy products. If you are looking for an extendable table for the dining room, here you can find the most suitable one. Find out Midj tables now, Read more >>

Extendable Design Tables: Best Brands and Price

When it comes to tables, almost everyone thinks of only two types: fixed and extendable. As we will see, however, there are many different solutions capable of satisfying any type of need, even the most unthinkable.

Fixed tables probably don't need particularly in-depth explanations. Leaving aside the research linked to the innumerable forms of design (we build tables for all tastes), we are sure that there is very little to add to your ideas and your knowledge on the matter. In this guide, we will devote more attention to extendable tables, focusing mainly on the different extension systems.

Before delving into the various mechanisms, it should be noted that often the extension system does not only involve the table top but also the legs, which in some models are mobile and move as the top expands. Until a few decades ago, the most widespread mechanism for extendable tables were the so-called side extensions. The extensions could be both symmetrical, therefore extractable independently from the two ends of the table, and asymmetrical, that is, extractable only from one of the sides of the table. Read more >>

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