Kitchen shelves, modern, Italian design

Discover the collection of kitchen shelves by Arredare Moderno, available in different finishes and materials, from wood to metal, glass or PVC, modern, design, produced in Italy by the best brands on the market: Cattelan, Bontempi, Scab DESIGN, Driade.

Kitchen shelves allow you to improve the style of your furniture and at the same time exploit wall space by keeping everything you need within easy reach, from utensils to pots and pans, kitchen accessories, tea boxes, coffee makers, containers for cereals, spices, whisks, ladles and much more.

Types of kitchen shelves, discover our models

There are many available kitchen models to choose from, from classic shelves available in various sizes to cubic, glass, ladder-shaped, modular, with retractable hooks.

Kitchen shelves are also perfect for the pantry, to be added to the shelves, to be hung on the wall to increase the space available for storing preserves, bottled wine.

Available in hard-wearing materials such as wood or metal, in a variety of colours and shapes, they make the kitchen attractive and create contrasting effects with the rest of the furniture present.

All the available shelves can be easily matched to all types of furniture, they are complete with hooks and hangers, we have linear, angular, wall-mounted, cubic models, with a particular, captivating design, in industrial, contemporary and classic styles.

Very useful space-saving shelves at truly economical prices, the best modern shelves made in Italy can be purchased conveniently online, we accept payment in instalments, with credit and debit cards, bank transfer in advance and cash on delivery.

Choosing a shelf according to style

What guides the choice of shelf is first and foremost the furnishing style of our kitchen. For example, wooden shelves are perfect for a classic style, while minimalist shelves suit a modern style, and finally shelves with metal and wood go perfectly with an industrial style.

Wooden shelves for your kitchen

The material in which the shelves are made is certainly an element to pay attention to. From this point of view, wood represents the most solid and adaptable material around, durable, resistant, welcoming, and magnetic in its style.

It integrates perfectly with various furnishing solutions, from raw wood to oak, from cherry to beech, fir, poplar, oak and chestnut, they are stylish solutions that enrich the kitchen, easy to keep clean and economical.

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