Garden tables in wrought iron, cast iron, aluminium, steel

Discover the best wrought iron garden tables made in Italy, refined, with sinuous lines, essential shapes, for classic and modern chic settings.

The new trends for garden furniture, wrought iron garden tables with matching chairs in resin and cast iron, perfect for creating relaxing corners, to enjoy the summer season outdoors, organising dinners and lunches with friends and family.

Wrought iron garden tables offer numerous advantages, they are resistant and easy to clean, furthermore they are often combined with other stylish materials such as wood or glass, and go well with any furnishing style, from classic to vitae, modern, industrial and retro.

Wrought Iron Tables and Coffee Tables, fixed and extendable

Wrought iron tables and coffee tables are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to outdoor environments. On our website you will find fixed tables, extendable and garden tables that are comfortable, practical and functional.

Elegant and classy furnishing complements, wrought iron coffee tables can be perfectly matched to any existing style, giving the garden or terrace an atmosphere of tranquillity and elegance. They are also resistant to atmospheric agents, a hero in any outdoor area.

Wrought iron garden tables are perfect for outdoor spaces furnished in the English style, functional, aesthetically beautiful, where nature blends with iron to create a fascinating and balanced ambience.

The iron garden table is generally very heavy, available in the fixed or extendable version, or folding, on Arredare Moderno you will find complete sets also of wrought iron garden chairs with the same design, for maximum savings.

The materials: what iron is used for garden furnishings?

The iron generally used to make chairs, tables and outdoor accessories is galvanised, treated in such a way as to resist atmospheric agents such as rust and scratches, alternatively wrought iron is used, which thanks to special workmanship takes on splendid forms and decorations.

The iron table top can be of the mesh or smooth type, there are usually numerous friezes and decorations, some models are made of natural iron, others are usually painted in grey and black.

As an alternative to iron we find coffee tables in aluminium, cast iron and steel, with results similar to the iron effect.

The maintenance and cleaning of iron garden tables

All types of iron, from wrought iron to galvanised iron, do not require any particular maintenance. Once a year, after the winter period, it is sufficient to check for rust and, if necessary, to remove it with appropriate products.

To clean an iron table, simply use a soft, wet microfibre cloth and apply a little Vaseline oil to the most resistant stains; an alternative solution is water with vinegar.

Furnishing your garden in style has never been so simple, on Arredare Moderno you can choose from numerous iron furnishing accessories, or evaluate alternatives such as wooden garden tables, plastic or marble.

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