The best Industrial TV stands, Italian design, online sale

The best TV stands made in Italy on Arredare Moderno, perfect for the kitchen, the living room, the study or the bedroom, made following the Industrial style of NewYork ani 50s.

A wide selection of the most beautiful models from Italian brands such as Cattelan, Bonaldo, Scab Design, Driade, Tomasucci, Tonin Casa, Pezzani Arredamento, Tonelli Design and many others.

Countless solutions to furnish the living room of your loft or industrial-style home with our vintage TV stand furniture, with minimalist design, lacquered wood finish and metal frame, for modern effects that convey warmth and sobriety.

The lowest prices on the web, discover the collection of vintage TV stands from

The collection of Industrial TV stands at the lowest prices on the web, you can purchase online, from the comfort of your sofa at home, we accept payment by credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery, or you can pay the entire amount in 12 or 24 convenient instalments.

Each piece of furniture proposed is chosen according to strict quality criteria, you can choose the type of wood, from walnut to cherry or solid wood, the colour shade, the opening system of the doors, opt for wall-mounted, castor, corner or hanging TV furniture, and choose the measurements and finishes according to the style of your home.

To furnish your loft living room in style with an industrial flavour with wood and steel furniture and exposed beams, the TV cabinet becomes the right setting for your home cinema.

Industrial TV stands, the charm of vintage

Transforming industrial-style furniture and accessories into trendy furnishing solutions that go perfectly with modern, vintage, minimalist or Scandinavian-style rooms.

Today, everyone is crazy about the industrial style, thanks also to furniture and accessories with a lived-in air, capable of giving our home a chic and simple style without having to forcefully fill every space. TV stand furniture is also born from a simple steel structure and the warmth of wood, always fashionable and trendy.

All TV stands are perfect for furnishing your living room, allowing you to place your 40 to 60 inch smart LED TV, your Dolby surround sound system, your consoles (Xbox and PlayStation), your DVD collection, furnishings such as table lamps, plants and various objects, to create a perfect relaxing space to enjoy with family or friends.

The contemporary chic style of the Industrial era

Today, the industrial style has turned into something commonplace that is very close to modern and elegant, we can call it the contemporary chic style, the triumph of eccentricity and imperfection where the beauty of the furniture and furnishings have become the main element.

So here is a TV stand made of wood and metal inserted into a living room with walls covered in bricks and a brass appilque for soft lighting, a wooden floor lamp in the shape of an arch, two white leather sofas, a coffee table with steel legs and a wooden base, and a large coconut fibre rug.

Industrial-style TV and HI-FI stand

The TV and Hi-FI stand is a must-have element for every home, not only for fans of cinema and TV series. It must perfectly integrate with the style of the room, be functional and large enough to hold the TV and accessories such as the modem and other electronic components.

Perfect for enhancing the TV set, enriching the living room with a design, beautiful and functional piece of furniture, you can choose between the classic modular wall-mounted unit, or purchase the complete set of bookcases, with doors and drawers, to keep remote controls, players, consoles, and hide electric and antenna cables in order, or you can purchase the unit with wheels, easy to move and perfect for open spaces complete with living room and kitchen. 

The main feature of the TV stand is its practicality, thanks to its size large enough to hold the TV and all the accessories, freeing your necklace of DVDs, CDs, voice devices, modems and various accessories from shelves and bookcases.

The best TV stands of 2022 according to Arredare Moderno

Only the best TV stand furniture has a beautiful and functional design, and among the best sellers for 2021 - 2022 we find the Movie TV stand by Pezzani, made with a laminate structure and tempered glass, sliding doors and cable cover panels, at the special price of €1,075.14 instead of €1,472.12.

Another requested and sold model is the Paddock Cattelan Italia TV stand, made in graphite wood and canaletto walnut, with drawer and lower shelf in burnt oak, modern and design, at the discounted price of €1,682.08

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