Industrial bookcases, shelves and shelving, made in Italy

Discover our collection dedicated to Industrial style bookcases, metal reflections, made of iron and wood, robust and functional, perfect to create a study corner, embellish your living room, give a vintage charm to your office.

Industrial bookcases and shelves are used for different functions, made of metal and wood they can be placed in a corner next to the sofa, they can hold decorative objects, photographs, books, to give personality to your rooms.

Furthermore, using a bookcase or shelving unit optimises space, especially for those who live in small lofts or studio apartments. Thanks to a metal or vintage wooden shelf, decorating the liing of the living area with a chic industrial style will be easy and inexpensive.

Vintage and modern bookcases in industrial style are inspired by New York furniture of the 1950s, made of solid wood, iron and wood, antiqued metal, they follow the new trends in metropolitan and vintage chic.

The industrial style, what it is and how to use it

The origin of the industrial style was born around the 1950s in New York. The peculiarity of this furniture was the recovery and reuse of disused spaces previously used by industries and business centres.

Following the notoriety received by Pop Art, with Andy Warhol and the Factory, this style quickly spread throughout the world, finding considerable use, especially among young couples.

The characteristics of the industrial style are the choice of the living space, usually a loft or open space, thanks to open rooms and few partitions, the particular design based on sober and essential lines, the functional and minimalist furniture, raw but warm materials, industrial furniture expresses a modest, dynamic and imaginative character.

Industrial bookcases such as shelves, sideboards, sofas and furnishings are set in spacious contexts, where reinforced concrete pillars, cast iron columns, half-height mezzanines, iron staircases, roofing with exposed beams and clearly visible fixtures are inserted.

Industrial bookcases, sofas, tables and accessories

Floors are usually made of polished concrete and industrial resin, walls are left unfinished, with colours ranging from white to dove grey or exposed bricks.

The windows and glazing are large and give brightness and in some cases beautiful views, the frames are strictly aluminium, the furniture is usually made of iron, wood and steel.

The lines are clean, the living area is usually composed of a kitchen with an open peninsula, a wooden table and stylised chairs, the relaxation area features leather sofas, pellet or cast-iron stoves, carpets and single-coloured accessories.

The predominant colour is grey, while the lamps and furniture are made of metal. Light is very important, creating the right atmosphere, especially if natural, filtered by the large windows, and many spotlights and floor lamps are used.

At Arredare Moderno you will find original industrial-style bookcases, produced in Italy, fine furniture, the possibility of purchasing directly online and payment in instalments, and shipping in Italy and abroad.

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