Glass TV stand furniture, modern design

Discover the collection dedicated to glass TV stand by Arredare Moderno, the perfect solution to furnish your home with style without giving up the functionality of the TV stand, choose the style and taste of the best Italian brands: Cattelan Italia, Driade, Pezzani, Tonelli Design, Tonin Casa. 

You will find the best furnishing proposals on our e-commerce, a wide range of glass or crystal TV stands, the best on the market, you can choose your furniture directly online and pay by credit card, bank transfer, debit card, cash on delivery, or decide to pay the entire amount in instalments thanks to our partnership with Compass.

Unbeatable quality/price ratio, Arredare Moderno proposes unique and original crystal TV stand furniture solutions to satisfy any space and furnishing style need, from modern to classic, industrial or minimal, vintage or contemporary, optimal for every personal taste.

Convenience first, discover our glass TV stand

Glass TV stands combined with castors, with wood, plexiglass, steel, laminate finishes and frames, corner or wall-mounted furniture, to ensure an unmistakable look for your living area.

Choose from the many models available at Arredare Moderno, buy a glass and steel TV stand, fixed or in the version with castors, which will allow you to easily move the television so you can watch it from every corner of the house.

All our items have shelves for DVD players, video game consoles like the new PlayStation 5 or the beautiful XBox One, or shelves for DVD and CD roms, grommets, sliding doors, and space to organise all your accessories like remote control controllers.

For a stylish living room buy a glass TV stand

To add style and modernity to your living room, the choice of adding a glass TV stand is definitely the right one. Glass is an element that stands out for its class and neatness, easy to match with any furnishing style, and responds optimally to the stylistic demands of today's market.

Among the most popular models purchased on our e-commerce are curved glass TV stand, with simple, futuristic lines that lend elegance and sweetness to your living room.

Crystal TV stand, a precious and sophisticated piece of furniture, a stylish choice that enhances the look of the living area and makes access to the home TV more functional. All our models are aesthetically beautiful, sturdy, top quality, made in Italy, and can furnish with a truly unique and refined style.


A striking stylistic choice, the glass TV stand table is an elegant accessory to place in the living room at home, in a study or in the kitchen, also perfect for work environments such as a meeting room or waiting room for entertaining clients.

Neat glass TV stand

Among the most popular models we certainly have those in curved glass, where the glass is processed at temperatures above 700°, thanks to this process the softened glass sheet can be worked into curved moulds.

After cooling, the glass becomes strong and ready for use.

Not only glass, on our website you will find the widest range of modern TV stand, from wooden to metal furniture, corner furniture, industrial style, classic, with castors.

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