Glass shelves, discover our collection

Discover the collection of glass shelves and shelves, made in Italy, chosen from the most popular brands such as Cattelan Italia, Driade, Tomasucci, Scab Design, Cantori, Colico and many others.

Glass shelves are perfect for furnishing the home with a chic and refined touch, accessories with personality perfect for any style of environment, from modern to classic, from Nordic to industrial style.

Corner, clear, crystal, frosted and coloured glass shelves

The wide range of glass shelves available in our catalogue are in stock and we accept payment by instalments, credit card, debit card, bank transfer and cash on delivery.

The glass shelves are perfect for furnishing the bathroom, to be placed next to the cabinet with the mirror, or for the bedroom, next to the bedside table, perfect for the kitchen and living room, in assortment with angular models, in crystal, long or short, ladder or cubic shapes, in frosted glass, coloured glass, tempered glass shelves, transparent, perfect to enrich an equipped wall, give light to the rooms.

Glass shelves and shelves for shops and bars

Glass shelves are perfect furniture for bars, restaurants, shop windows, they create modern and bright environments. On Arredare Moderno you will find models with thicknesses to choose from, customisable in size, complete with retractable brackets, suction cups to improve stability, a wide range of colours and finishes, unique models, special, innovative, with the most unusual shapes, perfect for highlighting the products in your shop.

Buy online at the best price, maximum ease, guaranteed delivery in 48 hours, carefully protected during transport to offer an efficient and guaranteed delivery service. 

How to clean a glass shelf?

The brightness of glass shelves is guaranteed above all by the maximum cleaning we do, which is why it is good to follow our tips to keep them clean and bright.

Effective cleaning consists of following these 3 steps: remove dust with an electrostatic cloth, spray a detergent on the shelf and remove it with a cloth, the 3rd step consists of using a special polishing spry.

As an alternative to commercial products, we can use homemade solutions, using vinegar, water and lemon drops, or alcohol for more difficult stains.

How to furnish your home using glass shelves?

Glass shelves are certainly a functional and design choice for any furnishing style, they are extremely easy to match creating elegance and style, true furnishing complements, let's find out together how best to use them >> Furnishing your home with shelves

Glass shelves, design in the living room

Versatile and adaptable, perfect for all spaces in the home, especially in the living room, read our solutions for modern and stylish furniture >> Glass shelves, design in the living room

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