The best modern glass bookcases made in Italy

Discover our collection dedicated to glass bookcases with display case, to furnish your living room or kitchen in the best way, high quality bookcases, made in Italy, a selection of the best brands: Cattelan, Bonaldo, Scab Design, Driade, Tomasucci and many others.

Perfect for displaying a collection of glasses or plates, for storing books and precious objects, the glass bookcase display cabinet is a design piece of furniture that blends perfectly with any furnishing style, enhancing the living area.

Display bookcase in wood, metal, iron and steel

Available with customisable showcases and doors, made of wood and glass or steel and glass, full of style and charm, available at economical prices with the possibility of paying the full amount online on our website.

A complete collection, glass bookcases designed for the living room or the kitchen, the bedroom or the home office, configurable and customisable, in metal, iron, plastic or wood, lacquered or minimalist, modular, double-sided, self-supporting and suspended, wall-mounted or swivelling, we have many models perfect for every need.

The modern bookcases on our website are guaranteed for two years, durable and top quality, available for Italy and abroad, a unique collection.

Modern glass display bookcases , discover our bestsellers

Among the 2021 and 2022 models most appreciated by the customers of Arredare Moderno is the Folio bookcase by Tonelli Design, completely made of glass, with a granite and satin stainless steel base, available in transparent or smoky black, a corner bookcase or to be fixed to a wall, elegant and design, each shelf with a different inclination, discounted price €2,295.00

Tonelli's Paradigma bookcase, in great demand in Italy and abroad, with sides and shelves in extra-clear or smoked glass, refined and elegant design, with numerous shelves, perfect for displaying books or precious objects, a wall-mounted bookcase, arch or circle-shaped, at the discounted price of €5,220.00

Functional and economical design bookcases, suitable for all spaces, customisable in height and depth, for use in the living room, kitchen, entrance area or bedroom.

Tips: how to clean your glass bookcase ?

For deep cleaning of your glass bookcase  you could use ammonia, which is harmless and safe, always using gauze to avoid contact with the skin. Alternatively, glass cleaners that can be bought in shops or the classic white vinegar and newspaper are fine.

First, wipe the glass with a soft, dry cloth, this will remove the dust on the surface, then fill a basin with cold water and a capful of ammonia or glass cleaner, mix well and use the liquid in a sprayer.

Spray the product on the glass and wait 1 minute, then pass newspaper sheets and rub the inside and outside horizontally until all residues are removed. You can also repeat the process several times.

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