Gervasoni Sideboards and Cabinets: Modern and Designer, Outlet

Our Gervasoni furniture shop is the temple of made in Italy design, a place where creativity, art, and passion for furniture come to life in unique and high-quality pieces.

Imagine entering your home and being welcomed by a sideboard or a modern cabinet, perfectly designed for the entrance area or the kitchen, creating a welcoming and personality-filled environment.

With our wooden sideboards, featuring clean and linear designs, enhanced with showcase details, you will have a versatile and functional piece of furniture that combines utility with pleasure.

And why not opt for a suspended or wall-mounted sideboard for a more contemporary and dynamic look? Our Gervasoni catalog is full of irresistible discounts and promotions, designed to make you fully appreciate the excellence of Italian design.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your space with a touch of elegance and style: discover our shop and experience the unique essence of true Made in Italy.

Types, Models, and Finishes of Gervasoni Sideboards

Gervasoni sideboards and cabinets are essential furniture pieces for home decor, especially in the kitchen, dining room, or living area. They differ in style, design, materials, and functionality. Here are some main types:

  1. Classic Sideboards and Cabinets: Often made of solid wood, with intricate carvings and crafted details. They may have display cabinets for showcasing dishes or precious objects.

  2. Modern Sideboards and Cabinets: Characterized by clean and minimalist lines, created using a variety of materials, including wood, metal, glass, or a combination of them.

  3. Rustic or Country Style Cabinets: Made of wood with a raw or aged finish, these cabinets have a sturdy and homely appearance.

  4. Suspended or Wall-Mounted Sideboards: These wall-mounted sideboards provide a modern and contemporary look to the room, while also saving floor space.

  5. Multifunctional Sideboards and Cabinets: These furniture pieces are designed to serve multiple functions. They may have drawers, shelves, display cabinets, and open spaces to meet various storage needs.

  6. Industrial Sideboards and Cabinets: With a raw and timeless look, these pieces combine metal elements with wood, creating a unique and characterful appearance.

  7. Vintage or Retro Sideboards and Cabinets: Inspired by past designs, these sideboards and cabinets often feature vibrant colors, rounded shapes, and nostalgic details.

Best Sellers on Arredare Moderno

Daen Sideboard by Gervasoni

A symbol of refinement and modernity that adds a touch of style to your living area. Its body, made of lacquered plywood and MDF, supported by elliptical feet in matching color and reinforced with steel bars matching the handles, creates a perfect visual balance between robustness and elegance.

Inside, the adjustable MDF shelves offer flexibility and organization, while the fabric-coated doors provide water-repellent and washable practicality.

But it's the top surface that will truly enchant you, with the choice between the warmth of porcelain stoneware or the elegance of glass painted on the underside. And if that's not enough, the Daen Sideboard by Gervasoni offers a myriad of customizable finishes, allowing you to create the perfect piece that reflects your personality and taste.

Daen Cabinet by Gervasoni

Let the Daen Cabinet transform your space with its noble and distinguished presence. This modern design piece is much more than a simple storage solution for your living area; it is a benchmark of style and sophistication.

Its outer structure, made of lacquered plywood and MDF, tall and majestic, seems to dance on the tip of elliptical feet, connected by steel bars in perfect harmony with the handles. Inside, the adjustable MDF shelves add a touch of functionality, while the fabric-coated doors promise durability and ease of maintenance. The top surface, available in your choice of porcelain stoneware or glass painted on the underside, is the final touch of refinement.

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