Modern fabric armchairs, removable covers, upholstered, made in Italy

Discover the line of fabric armchairs from Arredare Moderno, you can choose the colour, the size, the upholstery, the style and save up to 38%, secure payments, fast delivery throughout Europe.

The fabric armchairs are a functional design element, available in many colours: white, black, red, multicolour, striped and in many styles: modern armchairs, in vintage, retro, youthful habitat, glamour style.

To furnish the living room, the waiting room of your office, the bedroom with style and elegance, from damask or suede velvet armchairs, microfibre, linen and cotton armchairs, easy to clean, they suit every style of environment.

The fabric armchairs are available with armrests, reclining backrest, footrest, massage relaxation system, with or without pouf, fashionable armchairs, produced in Italy, we select articles from the best brands: Midj, Cattelan, Scab Design, Colico, Driade.

How to clean a fabric armchair?

The quickest way to remove stains from a fabric armchair is to use dry foam, rubbing the stain with a damp cloth regularly for a few minutes, or using white vinegar.

Another method is to dilute a teaspoon of natural bicarbonate of soda in 1 litre of lukewarm water and add lemon and white vinegar, gently rub the stain through a dampened cloth and the armchair will be as good as new.

Many ways to clean fabric armchairs, read Arredare Moderno's advice

The functional furniture par excellence, the fabric armchairs, with a made in Italy design, some with removable covers and others without, read Arredare Moderno's advice on how to sanitise and clean them with extreme ease >>

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