Orthopaedic and wooden double bed slats, made in Italy, Outlet prices

The best double bed slats made in Italy, classic bed springs, with wooden slats, orthopaedic, reclining and electrically operated, produced in Italy by Famar Materassi and Noctis.

High-quality orthopaedic double bed slats with multilayer beech slats, finished down to the smallest detail, offer guarantee and durability, all available for immediate delivery, designed to offer ergonomics and technology at the same time, available in different sizes: 160 x 200 cm, 160 x 190 cm, 160 x 200 cm, 180 x 220 cm.

Fixed or motorised double bed springs and slats

In this section you can purchase fixed or motorised bed springs and slats for double bed, in metal or wood, recognised as a medical device, excellent for improving sleep quality and alleviating problems related to the neck and back in general.

How to choose an orthopaedic double bed slats

Bed slats are a very important element for health and proper rest, buying a low quality bed base can cancel out the advantages of a good orthopaedic mattress.

This is why it is important to consider the following guidelines when purchasing a bed slats

The dimensions of the bed slats must be the same as those of the mattress, and the bedsprings must guarantee proper ventilation to the mattress; for double beds, it is not recommended to purchase a bed slat with central spars; finally, if you use the bed to read or watch TV, it is advisable to purchase a bed slat with an articulated base and support, which allows you to raise your head or legs electrically, which is also very useful for those who suffer from pathologies such as asthma, heart disease, and circulation disorders.

Orthopaedic wooden bed bases, models and prices

The double bed slats with wooden frames, the classic slats, are a valid alternative to metal ones, made of top quality materials, resistant and aesthetically pleasing, both the frames and slats are made of lamellar beech, a valuable and very elastic wood.

Our wooden bed slats are divided into 3 models: the flat bedslats, the hand-adjustable bed slats and the electric motor-adjustable bed slats, perfect for the elderly and disabled.

Double bed springs: dimensions

What are the dimensions of double bed slats? Let's start with the standard sizes, 140 x 190 and 140 x 200 cm for the French double bed slats, 180 x 200 for the King double bed slats, 160 x 190 and 140 x 200 cm for the standard one.

Then we have the less common sizes, 180 x 220 cm, 160 x 220 cm, 140 x 220 cm.

French bed: discover the measurements and why to choose it

The French bed is so called because it was invented in France. Here it is called 'grand lit', but it is also known in Italy as 'antique Neapolitan bed' and in England as 'queen bed'. This one, similar to a queen-size bed, has taken on a name of its own because it differs slightly in size.

Measurements and characteristics for choosing a double bed

The measurements and characteristics for choosing a double bed are varied. These are fundamental for designing the bedroom without making mistakes. In fact, choosing a double bed should be done with care as it depends on several factors. In addition to reflecting one's taste, it must meet one's practical needs and respect the space available.

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