Display cupboards made in Italy, economical, for the living area

The best display cupboards made in Italy, economical and functional, elegant, modern, or classic and vintage style, made of wood, PVC, aluminium, marble, suitable for all environments.

Discover one of the most ancient pieces of furniture for its origins, used since Roman times as a buffet cabinet, over time the modern cupboard has been able to adapt to the most modest environments thanks to its soft and refined lines.

This kitchen cabinet is an essential element for tidying up utensils, pots, sets of plates and glasses, displaying china, vases or collections.

Display kitchen cupboard, tradition mixed with modernity

Until the late 1970s, the "arte povera" wooden cupboard was one of the predominant pieces of furniture in Italian homes. Made of solid wood, its retro lines gave a vintage charm to homes.

Used as bookcases, to display porcelain plates and store everyday objects, they were usually placed in the kitchen, also useful for storing cutlery and glasses or kitchen utensils.

Today, thanks to softer lines and softer colours, the dispaly cupboard  can be easily combined with the living room furniture of the house. On Arredare Moderno you can find wooden sideboards, high or low, with metal frame, in shabby or vintage style, or those in industrial or Nordic style.

Over 1000 articles produced in Italy, by the best brands on the national scene, Cattelan, Bonaldo, Driade, Colico, Tomasucci, Scab Design, MyYour and many others.

How to clean cupboard glass?

The best way to enhance home furnishings is to always keep furniture and furnishing accessories clean, especially if the furniture has glass components.

One of the most effective methods for cleaning the display cupboard is  the classic vinegar diluted in warm water and the use of newspaper sheets, alternatively we can use specific products for glass and a soft microfibre cloth.

Another way to remove fingerprints and dust from glass is to use water and dishwashing detergent, water and ammonia or dilute lemon juice in half a litre of water.

Tip: Only use rolled up newspaper or microfibre cloth, avoid cotton cloths or other materials.

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