Designer sideboard for the living area

On Arredare Moderno you can purchase modern design sideboards for the kitchen and living room of your home, a versatile, multifunctional furnishing complement, easy to position and match with the furniture, with clean lines and bold designs, a true style statement.

Modern designer sideboard suitable for all furnishing needs

The designer sideboards offered on our website have a low structure that develops in length, while the height is always under 100 cm, the length can be chosen according to the available space and your own needs.

The smaller sideboards are perfect for the sleeping area, bedroom or entrance hall, while the larger ones are good for the kitchen or living room of the house. There are also sideboards with 2, 3 or 4 doors, finally, some models are placed directly on the floor and others are equipped with feet.

Designer sideboards are also suspended, with the possibility of placing them at any height. They are space-saving and easy to install, and can be configured in infinite combinations, selecting finishes and materials, from solid wood to PVC, metal or chipboard.

Then there are the sideboards with sliding doors, with drawers and internal compartments perfect for the kitchen or office, thanks to the storage compartments you can arrange books, DVDs, toys, kitchen utensils.

Versatile and multifunctional furniture

A practical addition to cupboards and sideboards, convenient to use as a base to temporarily place crockery, kitchen cabinets, wine bottles, or use the top to prepare family dinners and lunches.

Perfect for keeping clutter to a minimum, for beautifying the living room, excellent as a TV stand, or as an entryway cabinet, modern sideboards are a versatile and multifunctional addition.

Designer sideboards are available in different styles, from modern to classic, industrial style, vintage, retro, shabby, classic chic, Scandinavian, youthful, real display cabinets with a neat and innovative design, produced in Italy by the best furniture brands such as Cattelan, Bonaldo, Driade, Bontempi, Scab Design.

History of the birth of sideboards

Born in the 18th century as a piece of furniture for serving lunch, in the 19th century, thanks to the wealth of upper middle-class families, they were used in the kitchen as decorative complements embellished with decorations, expensive interiors and veneers.

Today it is possible to choose from a variety of models and styles on the market, from geometric sideboards to classic sideboards with doors and drawers, available in walnut, oak, solid wood, veneered wood, steel and wood sideboards in steel and aluminium with minimal lines, glass sideboards with a classic and refined style, marble sideboards with a country chic style.

Bontempi designer sideboards, be inspired by beauty

On Arredare Moderno you will find available the line of modern design sideboards by Bontempi, classic sideboards, for hallways, for living rooms, low sideboards, made-to-measure, produced in Italy, creative and of excellent quality.

Among the best-selling models we point out Bontempi's Cosmopolitan sideboard, perfect for large living rooms with its light colours, white arabesque marble surface, wooden top and metal structure, also perfect for furnishing the Home Office.

Another Bontempi best-selling model on Arredare Modero is the Enea sideboard for the night area, designed as a bedside table in a more spacious format, with a classic style, equipped with drawers, a compact and solid surface, also perfect as a decorative element.

Where to place the designer sideboard?

We suggest 3 environments in which you can place a sideboard: the living room: by inserting a practical and design furnishing complement, playing with material effects and contrasting colours, the home entrance: using the sideboard as a support to leave everyday objects such as car keys or wallets, and finally the office: to embellish the home office and store work documents.

Of course these are just our recommendations, the sideboard is a multifunctional complement that can be placed in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom.

One-of-a-kind designer sideboards can be purchased online from the comfort of your home, we accept payment by bank transfer, credit card or instalments.

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