Classic wall lamps

Classic Wall Lighting: A Touch of Elegance and Functionality with

Classic wall lights from epitomize elegance and functionality. Perfect for every room, from the living room to the bedroom, these lights are crafted from high-quality materials such as blown glass, authentic crystal, and galvanized metal.

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60 Opera Italamp Wall Lamp

Regular price €478.24 -25% Price €358.68

60 Opera Italamp Wall Lamp

Regular price €478.24 -25% Price €358.68
60 Opera Italamp Wall Lamp, body in glass or crystal. Lampshade made of fabric. Ceramic pendants. Structure made of metal.

Their timeless design ensures they remain in vogue, enhancing the aesthetic and market value of the spaces they illuminate.

Choose antique gold finishes that add a sense of classic refinement. This variety allows you to select the perfect light for any interior, whether it's a classic or a more modern setting.

Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, living rooms, entrances, these lights can transform these spaces with their classic charm and functional elegance.

LED Technology and Sustainability

An essential aspect of these lights is their compatibility with LED bulbs, which not only reduce energy costs but are also an eco-friendly choice. LED technology ensures efficient and long-lasting illumination while reducing environmental impact.

In addition to providing primary lighting, they can also be used as supplementary lighting. Variants with fabric lampshades, for instance, distribute light gently, creating a warm and refined atmosphere in any room.

Classic Wall Sconces in Fabric, Crystal, and Gold

Fabric wall sconces are an excellent addition to's collection. These models, with their soft light diffusion and elegant design, are perfect for spaces where you desire soft yet stylish illumination.

Classic crystal wall sconces are true design gems, shining and sophisticated, casting enchanting plays of light, making them an ideal choice to highlight any room.

Crafted with authentic crystal, treated with lead oxide to enhance its reflectivity and brilliance, these wall sconces offer a luxurious and refined look.

Our range includes sconces with dangling crystals that capture and reflect light in fascinating ways, as well as elegant wall lights adorned with teardrop-shaped crystals, adding a subtle and timeless touch, a selection of the finest Made in Italy brands.

Installation and Adaptability

Our classic wall lights are versatile and can be installed in various rooms, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways, without taking up much space and enhancing the room's aesthetics. They are suitable for any interior, from traditional to contemporary.

They represent an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of beauty, functionality, and sustainability. With their variety of styles, premium materials, and LED technology, they are not just a decorative element but a true investment for your home.

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