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Modern and designer canopy beds, the best of made in Italy

A wide choice of modern and designer canopy beds, designed in Italy, inexpensive, made with top quality materials such as solid wood, acacia or oak, wrought iron, PVC or aluminium, a selection of the best products from Italian brands such as Bonaldo Arredamenti, Cantori letti, Dèsirèe divani, Read more...

Raphael Cantori

Regular price €1,550.00 -20% Price €1,240.00

Raphael Cantori

Regular price €1,550.00 -20% Price €1,240.00
Raphael double bed Cantori in country style with wrought iron frame. Available in different sizes.">Felis Mobili, Itamoby, Noctis, Tomasucci, Tonin Casa.

Discover the magic of four-poster beds to furnish your bedroom in style and create an original and cosy environment, lots of models to choose from, from modern and creative design to classic and vintage style, online sale of cheap four-poster beds for maximum savings.

Canopy bed: models and trends

One of the strong points of the canopy bed is its comfort, and thanks to its imposing structure it is perfect for furnishing spacious and bright bedrooms with style.
Among the modern models most appreciated by our customers is the Edward Driade canopy bed, made with a satin-finished stainless steel and wood structure. Top in solid merbau wood. Available with and without headboard, with and without curtains, in endita at a discounted price of 6.672,50€ instead of 7.850,00€.

Another popular model in classic style is the Raphael Cantori Canopy Bed, in country style with wrought iron frame available in different finishes. 3 sizes available, on sale at a throw-away price of €1,266.00

The history of the four-poster / canopy bed

The earliest historical references to the canopy bed date back to the medieval period, around 1100. In the past, this type of bed was linked to the social status of the rich who liked to decorate their bedrooms in a lavish manner.

The term baldachin derives from medieval Latin 'Baldakius' and originally indicated a particular precious fabric produced in Baghdad and worked in Italy. With this fabric, the draped covers supported by 4 or 6 rods of the bed in the double bedroom were created.

The first models envisaged that the cover was independent from the bed, with the passage of time it was integrated into the bed frame creating a real frame that was decorated with special sheets and fabrics.

Initially the four-poster bed was used for the size of one and a half squares, it was not until the end of the 16th century that the bed took on its current characteristics, expanding to the size 160 x 190 cm.

Over the years we find many variations of the classic four-poster bed, for example in France we find in sumptuous aristocratic homes of the 18th century beds with suspended canopies, with a structure without columns but attached to the back.

While the 1750s saw the birth of the alcove bed, called Lit a la polonaise, here the canopy is carried by four S-shaped metal studs, with a crown-shaped or rectangular girdle, the height dome is curved and the curtains are gathered close to the curved pillars.

Today, in modern times, the canopy bed is used in large, spacious rooms, with an essential silver or black frame and white cotton fabrics, to create a timeless evergreen effect but with a modern twist.

On our website you will find numerous models that are fully customisable in terms of colours, finishes and materials, correlated with photos, technical data sheets, and support via chat or telephone to ask for any information.

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