Wrought iron single beds, classic and modern, made in Italy

Wide range of wrought iron single beds, modern, classic, shabby chic, vintage, Nordic style, a selection of the best made in Italy products from brands such as Bolzan letti, Bonaldo, Cantori, Cattelan, Felis, Itamoby, Noctis, Tomasucci and many others.

Our wrought iron single beds are adaptable to any furnishing style, from classic to rustic, from modern to contemporary, you can choose from a wide range of shapes and colours, to furnish your children's or guest bedroom with style and elegance.

Single iron beds, models and trends

The wrought iron single bed gives a classic and romantic look to the room, with its timeless charm. Our products offer quality materials and functionality as well as a striking design, always fashionable and trendy.

Among the best-selling models in our online shop is the Cantori Sirolo single bed, in country style with wrought iron frame. Sirolo is available in different sizes, on sale at a discounted price of 1.096,00€.

In addition to wrought iron on our store are available classic or modern single beds, upholstered single beds and single beds with storage box, Outlet prices

Cleaning and maintenance of single wrought-iron beds

The first advice we can give you is to carry out routine cleaning using natural, organic products such as lemon juice, a combination of salt and lemon, or alternatively white vinegar.

For a superficial cleaning, arm yourself with a spray with water, lemon and salt and a brush or toothbrush to reach the most hidden parts, then dry with a microfibre cloth.

Once every 3 to 6 months you will have to carry out an extraordinary cleaning of the wrought iron, trying to eliminate rust or damaged sections, in which case you will need sandpaper, a brush with iron bristles to attack the most stubborn rust spots, and finally once this step is complete you will have to pass a specific anti-rust product.

Single beds: measurements, styles and photos

Single beds: main features and different models

The single bed is ideal for furnishing a small bedroom for one or more children, but it is also ideal for a guest room or for furnishing shared rooms. What are the main features and the different models in which this versatile piece of furniture is available? Here are the measurements, styles and photos of the single beds available on ArredareModerno. Read more >>

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