Wrought iron queen size beds made in Italy

If you love furnishing with style and elegance, choosing a wrought iron queen size bed is definitely the best choice. Discover our online catalogue, a selection of luxury, trendy and stylish products, designed in Italy by some of the best brands such as Bolzan Letti, Cantori letti, Dèsirèe divani, Itamoby, Noctis and Tonin Casa.

Our queen size iron beds are suitable for classic, modern, vintage, shabby chic, industrial and minimalist environments, thanks to the vast range of shapes and colours (antique, warm colours, details), which enhance the environment and the rest of the furniture.

Wrought iron queen size beds with a modern design style

The special feature of beds with wrought iron frames is the possibility of taking any shape, from the most refined to the most futuristic and modern, the high quality can be perceived in every detail thanks to all-Italian craftsmanship.

The design of each queen size bed brings with it customisable aspects, such as the shade of colour, intense or light, the sizes, from the classic 120 x 190 cm to the King Size version of 120 x 200 cm.

The modern bed is undoubtedly the main piece of furniture in a room, which is why we at Arredare Moderno offer a catalogue that is always up-to-date with all the latest trends. You can also decide whether to purchase only the bed frame or the bed complete with spring or memory foam mattress and orthopaedic bed base.

Wrought iron beds outlet prices

On our online site you can buy the best wrought iron bed queen size at a super discounted price, just look at the Outlet section to find hundreds of products with discounts from 20% to 50%, customize and proceed directly to purchase online quickly and easily.

Wrought iron beds on offer

In addition to the outlet section we offer hundreds of modern beds, with storage box, sommier, double and single beds at super discounted prices, time offers, promotional codes and much more.

Brass and wrought iron beds, the best sellers

Our wrought iron queen size easily match any type of furnishing, from modern to classic, thanks to simple and linear shapes or more complex and particular ones.

Traditional or four-poster beds with an iron or brass frame €1,640.50, trendy and futuristic models, among the models most appreciated by our customers we point out the Cantori Raphael Bed, in country style with a wrought iron frame available in different finishes, perfect for a loft or in the centre of the bedroom; it is available in various sizes, with or without a canopy, on sale at a discounted price of €1,640.50.

Alternatively take a look at the Denis Cantori Bed, in English style with metal frame. Available in different sizes and finishes, on sale at a discounted price of €1,640.50.

Matching iron bed with the rest of the furniture

For classic furniture we can say that the wrought iron bed goes perfectly with antique solid wood or rustic furniture, if on the contrary the style of our bedroom is modern then you could opt for dark lacquered iron or brass coloured iron.

Not only classic and modern, the wrought iron bed can also be combined with retro and antique furniture, making sure to choose iron painted in gold or copper leaf. In any case, you can opt for a simple and linear headboard or choose more particular and voluminous shapes.

How to choose the right wrought iron bed?

This is a question that many customers ask themselves before buying, our advice is to always follow personal taste and the type of furniture in the room, for example if the furniture is in arte povera you can opt for a carved bed frame with designs, on the contrary if the furniture is carved then a linear frame is preferable.

The available space is also very important, for studio or loft apartments the ideal is an iron sommier bed, without a headboard but only with a bed-ring, if on the contrary you have a large room then you can opt for a four-poster bed or a bed with upholstery.

Wrought iron maintenance and cleaning

Wrought iron does not require a great deal of attention for its ordinary maintenance; for surface cleaning, just use a soft cloth with plain water, for highly worked structures you could intervene with a small brush with soft bristles.

In addition, once a year you will have to proceed with an extraordinary cleaning to avoid the formation of rust, in this case there are various products and enamels on the market that can be applied directly on the iron in a simple and safe manner.

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