Wooden desks, modern and design, classic or vintage

The best wooden desks made in Italy, discover the online catalogue of Arredare Moderno, modern desks, classic, contemporary, vintage, industrial, inexpensive desks, with a unique design, perfect for an ideal alternative habitat.

The wooden desk is the main design element of a studio, its presence alone can characterise the home office. On our website you will find modern wooden desks made from the best raw materials available, from mahogany to walnut, red oak, ash, birch, cherry, maple, beech, pine, fir, red cedar and many others.

Natural, solid wood desks

We have desks in simple or elaborate designs, in small or large dimensions, with or without a bookcase, corner models, with curved or shaped lines, classic models for lovers of vintage or modern models that can be placed in offices and professional environments.

From solid wood to natural wood, light and dark finishes, to indulge in an unprecedented sensorial and visual experience, solid wood is an ideal raw material, precious and unique, long-lasting, capable of guaranteeing creativity, from rough, rough or wild solid wood, with unmistakable veins and cracks, perfect for the workstation, for the meeting room, for IT, notary, and design activities, especially for lovers of luxury such as lawyers, notaries, doctors, architects and designers.

Not only wooden desks but also  writing desks, handmade and produced in Italy, we select models from the best brands of made in Italy, Cattelan Italia, Scab, Bonaldo, Bontempi, Driade and many others.

Our wide commercial offer leaves the possibility to purchase and customise any desk, from the finishes to the various models of feet, from the drawer unit to the accessories, being able to choose between the classic raw solid wood, lively and versatile, to the finished wood, which presents truly unique design details thanks to Italian craftsmanship.

Wooden desks are a perfect match for steel, creating models suitable for industrial and modern styles, a visual effect with a contemporary flavour. The desks have a wooden top and a classic metal frame or side trestles.

Modular wooden desks, create your own style 

Not only fixed desks with pre-established measurements, at Arredare Moderno you will have the possibility to compose your furniture according to your furnishings and space, thanks to the wooden modules each desk takes shape and creativity, an excellent compromise between style and practicality, multifunctional concepts to minimise clutter, corner desks that optimise any space.

Modular desks are available in unfinished solid wood and lacquered, a stylistic choice that gives harmony and enhances complementary furnishings, we have economic and exclusive models at a price that is still competitive.

Timeless elegance, choose a wooden desk

A classy piece of functional furniture that enhances the environment, perfect in the living room, in the work studio, in the meeting room, to be used for working, reading, drawing, but also to furnish the living room or the basement with style. You can choose models with modern, futuristic or chic lines, with unique decorative details, also ideal for minimal, shabby, vintage furnishing styles.

Wood is a widely used material in the field of furniture, thanks to its great resistance to wear and its unquestionable charm, and has always been used in the creation of desks, tables, chairs, bookcases, with a natural and timeless look.

Thanks to the creativity of the best designers, you will find truly unique models, with great scenic impact, elegant or futuristic, natural or industrial style.

Design wooden desks for your office

To furnish your office in the best possible way, choose a wooden design desk. We have models in solid wood, reused wood, blockboard wood, chestnut wood, raw wood.

Desks that are also made to measure, customisable in their finishes and can be combined with any furniture, which give comfort to work, beautify the office and add a touch of professionalism.

Furthermore, on our website you can combine the desk with office chairs, wooden tables, modern cupboards and bookcases, table lamps and many other furnishing accessories.

What is solid wood

Definition of solid wood: solid wood is a particular portion of wood extracted from the inner part of the trunk, the heartwood, which is why each extracted board differs from the others and has unique sizes, colours and dimensions. 

Before solid wood can be used to create furniture, it must undergo a period of seasoning, in which it is worked through mechanical support and water conduction, during which time the wood undergoes changes in colour and shape.

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