Wood sideboard, Italian design, discover our collection

At Arredare Moderno you can buy your new solid wood sideboard for your living room or kitchen, cheap storage furniture, made in Italy, original and functional.

Sideboards in solid wood, mahogany, walnut, red oak, ash, birch, maple, cherry, beech, teak, East Indian rosewood, pine, spruce, Scots pine, red cedar, larch.

Discover our online catalogue, discounts and promotions are the order of the day, wooden sideboards available in many finishes and materials, among the most requested by our customers are rustic wooden sideboards, aged oak for vintage environments, natural oak, brushed grey oak for industrial style environments, raw lacquered wood, suspended solid wood.

Wood sideboards with doors and drawers, designer storage 

A piece of furniture that is loved not only for its design but also for its main function as a container, perfect for storing kitchen utensils, food, pots and pans, dish sets, equipped with hinged or sliding doors, sliding doors, drawers, shelves and shelves.

Design storage to match the living area furniture, suspended or with a 4-foot base, also perfect for the kitchen.

Combining a wood sideboard with modern style

Combining two apparently distant styles is an operation that requires special precautions, avoiding mixing too many styles in rooms with limited space.

The first piece of advice is to respect the colour palette with a maximum of 5 similar colours. In this case, we would like to remind you that modern wood sideboards can be covered and lacquered with any colour and finish, aim mainly for minimal and essential tones to enhance the modern style.

Pay attention to the size of the furniture and the space available, to avoid crowding the living area and weighing down the room, avoid excessive accessories and knick-knacks.

How to clean a wood sideboard? tips and tricks

Cleaning wooden furniture is important not only to keep the room clean but also to avoid premature ageing of the furniture. Often the dust that tends to settle on the surfaces causes them to dull and age prematurely.

So here are a few tips to keep your wooden furniture bright and clean. First of all you can remove dust and residues with a woollen or micro-fibre cloth at least once a week; as a product you could use spray wax for wood.

For deeper cleaning, you could combine the wool cloth with solid wax, which should be removed with a soft bristle brush after application.

An alternative natural method for cleaning wood is with classic Marseille soap, olive oil and lemon juice, always using a micro-fibre cloth.


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