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If you are looking for garden tables high quality at affordable prices, Varaschin tables are right for you. Thanks to our wide selection of fixed and extendable tables , you will be able to find the perfect model for your outdoor space at a discounted price.

Varaschin tables are built with high quality materials and designed to last over time, so you don't have to worry about their reliability. In addition, the variety of styles available will allow you to find the table that best suits your tastes and your outdoor space.

By purchasing on our online shop, you will not only save money, but you will also have the certainty of purchasing a high quality product that will guarantee you maximum satisfaction.

Materials used for Varaschin garden tables

Varaschin tables are produced with a wide range of high quality materials, ensuring that each piece is built to last over time and withstand outdoor climatic conditions. One of the most used materials is wood , which is carefully selected and handcrafted to create tables with an elegant and resistant design. Furthermore, Varaschin tables are available in different types of wood, such as teak, oak, ash and wenge, to satisfy the style needs of each customer .

In addition to wood, Varaschin tables can also be made of metal, such as aluminum and stainless steel, which guarantee maximum stability and durability. Metal tables are perfect for outdoor use, as they resist bad weather and wear over time. Additionally, the metal tables are available in a variety of finishes, including powder-coated and chrome-plated, to suit each customer's style requirementsP

They can also be produced in synthetic materials, such as woven polyethylene or resin, which offer great resistance to atmospheric agents and are very easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to the vast choice of materials available, they are suitable for any type of outdoor space and satisfy the style and functionality needs of each customer.

Choose Made in Italy design

Wide range of design styles, meeting the needs of each customer. The Varaschin brand is known for its modern and innovative approach to design, combined with traditional Italian craftsmanship.

All models are characterized by clean lines, elegant shapes and high quality materials, creating a perfect combination of functionality and design.

Among the different design styles, modern is certainly one of the most popular. Varaschin modern tables feature clean lines, geometric shapes and innovative materials, such as tempered glass, metal and stone. These tables are perfect for more contemporary and minimalist outdoor spaces.

Varaschin also offers classic and rustic design tables, which are characterized by more sinuous shapes, decorative details and natural materials such as solid wood. These tables are perfect for creating a traditional or rustic style in an outdoor setting.

The Italian brand also offers a wide selection of tables with a versatile design, suitable for multiple furnishing styles. For example, Varaschin tables with metal legs and wooden tops can be used to create an industrial or contemporary style, while teak tables can be used to create a more natural and organic style.

Varaschin table collection, most popular models

The Varaschin collection offers a wide range of models, each featuring a unique design and great attention to detail. Among the most popular models are:

  1. Babylon coffee table: a solid wood table with an elegant and minimalist design, perfect for creating a refined and welcoming space.
  2. Altea table : a garden table with aluminum legs and teak top, with a modern and clean design, ideal for more contemporary outdoor spaces.
  3. Emma table: an extendable table in solid wood, available in different finishes and sizes, perfect for hosting large families and creating an elegant and functional environment.
  4. Dolmen table: a garden table with natural stone legs and teak top, with an organic and natural design, perfect for creating a relaxing and comfortable outdoor space.
  5. Tibidabo table: an outdoor table with aluminum legs and tempered glass top, with a modern and light design, ideal for creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

The Varaschin table collection also includes folding tables, bar tables, low tables and dining tables, each designed to meet the space and style needs of each customer, the ideal choice for furnishing an elegant, functional and impactful outdoor space aesthetic.

Colors and finishes available

The range of colors and finishes available for Varaschin tables is vast and varied , allowing customers to customize their table according to their style and environment needs.

For the wooden tables, for example, different essences are available, such as teak, oak, ash and wenge, each with its own shade and texture. Additionally, you can choose between matte and glossy finishes, depending on your personal preference.

For metal tables, such as aluminum and stainless steel, different finishes are available, including powder coating, chrome and satin finish. Each of these finishes offers its own tone and texture, which can be combined with other elements of the furniture to create a unique atmosphere.

They can also be available in synthetic materials, such as woven polyethylene or resin. In this case, the available colors include bright and neutral shades, which can be chosen to create a dynamic or elegant outdoor environment.

They offer a wide choice of colors and finishes, which allow customers to customize their table according to their style and ambiance needs. Thanks to the great attention to design and quality of materials, they guarantee a furnishing experience characterized by elegance and functionality.

Furnishing the garden in a modern style with Varaschin tables, advice

Below are some tips to help you create a stylish and contemporary outdoor space:

  1. Choose tables with modern designs : Opt for tables with clean lines and geometric shapes, which fit perfectly into the modern style. The metal tables, with thin legs and tempered glass top, are an ideal choice for creating a refined and sophisticated outdoor environment.
  2. Play with colours: use colors to create a welcoming and original atmosphere. Choose Varaschin tables in bright and lively finishes, such as yellow or orange, or neutral shades, such as white or grey, to create a minimalist and sophisticated environment.
  3. Create a lounge space : If you have enough space, create a lounge area with low tables and fabric or leather sofas. This will allow you to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for spending summer evenings with friends and family.
  4. Add decorative elements : Use potted plants, colorful cushions and lanterns to add a personal touch to your outdoor area. These elements can be placed on the Varaschin tables or along the edges of the garden to create a welcoming and original atmosphere.

To create a modern outdoor space with Varaschin tables , it is important to choose tables with an elegant design, play with colors and add decorative elements to create a unique atmosphere. With a little creativity and imagination, you can create an elegant and modern garden, perfect for spending moments of relaxation and fun in the open air.

Varaschin extendable tables, choose the Emma model

An example of a Varaschin extendable table is the Emma model , one of the most popular models in the Varaschin collection. The Emma table is made of solid wood and features an elegant and modern design, perfect for creating a refined and welcoming outdoor space. The Emma table is available in different sizes, with the possibility of extending it thanks to the use of practical extensions.

Thanks to its sturdy structure and high-quality finishes, the Emma table is perfect for hosting large dinners and outdoor parties, while guaranteeing a furnishing experience characterized by elegance and functionality.

In addition to its extendable functionality, it has many other design and quality features that make it an ideal choice for creating an elegant and functional outdoor space.

It features a modern and elegant design , characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes. The solid wood used for its construction is of high quality, resistant and durable, guaranteeing its beauty and functionality over time.

Available in different finishes and colors, to adapt perfectly to your style of furniture and the surrounding environment. Furthermore, thanks to its sturdy structure, the Emma table is able to withstand bad weather and daily wear and tear, keeping its appearance and functionality intact even after many years of use.

Easy to clean and maintain , thanks to its scratch and stain resistant surface. Furthermore, thanks to its extendable function, the Emma table is perfect for hosting a greater number of guests, without compromising the available space.


Don't miss the opportunity to furnish your outdoor space with high quality Varaschin tables, available for purchase online with free shipping and unmissable promotions. Take advantage of our exclusive offers and furnish your outdoor space with style and functionality. Don't miss this opportunity to create a welcoming outdoor space of great aesthetic impact with high quality Varaschin tables.

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