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Welcome to the fascinating world of Varaschin sofas , where luxury and comfort blend perfectly with Italian design and high quality craftsmanship. If you are looking for excellence in the furniture sector, Varaschin sofas are the right choice for you. With a wide range of options suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these sofas fit perfectly into any setting, transforming your space into an oasis of relaxation and style.


Belt Air Varaschin Sofa

Price €8,575.00

Belt Air Varaschin Sofa

Price €8,575.00
Belt Air Varaschin Sofa, legs in plexiglass or alluminium. Supporting structure in okumé wood padded with dryfeel rubber and covered in outdoor fabric.

Emma Cross Varaschin sofa

Price €4,715.00

Emma Cross Varaschin sofa

Price €4,715.00
Emma Cross Varaschin sofa, for outdoor. Legs in powder coated aluminum. Aluminum structure with woven backrest with acrylic fabric band. Available seat and back cushion in different finishes.

Emma Garden sofa Varaschin

Price €3,333.00

Emma Garden sofa Varaschin

Price €3,333.00
Emma Garden sofa Varaschin with 2 or 3 seats, with legs in both aluminum and solid iroko; seat in fabric and padded with Dryfeel rubber for outdoor use. Backrest with aluminum frame.
Clever Clever Garden sofa Varaschinwith powder coated aluminum structure, seats and backs in VAR # TEX (technical fabric in PVC). Also available with texture seat and back in synthetic cord. Optional cushion.

Each Varaschin sofa is made with premium quality materials, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. The expert craftsmen work with dedication to create unique pieces that become the centerpiece of any environment. Thanks to their versatility and attention to detail they integrate perfectly with your existing decor, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication .

Not only will you have an exceptional piece of furniture, but by choosing one of the models in our online shop you will be supporting a company that places great importance on sustainability and environmentally friendly production. Care for the environment and social responsibility are fundamental values that distinguish Varaschin in the furniture market.

Don't miss the opportunity to own a masterpiece of design and functionality. Varaschin sofas will transform your home into a cozy and chic refuge. Come and discover our exclusive collection and let yourself be conquered by the unmistakable Varaschin style. Your space will never be the same again.

The Varaschin company and collaborations with excellent designers

The Varaschin company was founded in 1969 in the province of Treviso , in the heart of Veneto, an Italian region known for its rich tradition in art and craftsmanship. Founded by Ugo Varaschin , the company began its business producing rattan and wicker furniture and then evolved over the years, becoming an icon of Italian design and luxury furniture for indoors and outdoors. The passion for quality, innovation and attention to detail have been handed down from generation to generation, confirming the company's international reputation.

Varaschin has always focused on excellence and for this reason it has established partnerships with renowned designers on the international scene. These include names such as Monica Armani, Toan Nguyen, Alain Gilles, Christophe Pillet and Fabio Calvi & Paolo Brambilla. Working side by side with these talents, the company has been able to combine craftsmanship with the most modern design trends, giving life to unique and avant-garde creations.

These collaborations allow Varaschin to offer a wide range of products that reflect the vision and aesthetics of each designer , while maintaining a strong link with the company's philosophy. Thanks to these relationships, the company continues to grow and refine its savoir-faire , consolidating its position as a leader in the luxury furniture sector, both in Italy and abroad.

The Varaschin sofa collections, Made in Italy design

On our online shop there are all the collections of Varaschin outdoor sofas, the iconic models of the past and all the news updated for 2023:

  1. Obi : The Obi collection is characterized by a soft and elegant design with enveloping and welcoming cushions. These sofas are ideal for outdoors thanks to the resistant materials and waterproof fabrics used in their construction.
  2. Tibidabo: This collection combines contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship. Tibidabo sofas are made with an aluminum structure and hand-woven rope, creating a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere both indoors and outdoors.
  3. Emma : The Emma collection is designed to offer comfort and style in an outdoor space. With an aluminum structure and a modern design, these sofas are ideal for terraces and gardens, guaranteeing maximum resistance to atmospheric agents.
  4. Summer Set : This collection is characterized by clean lines and a minimalist style. Summer Set sofas are made with high quality materials and are perfect for outdoor environments, offering comfort and resistance to bad weather.
  5. Barcode : With a simple yet sophisticated design, the Barcode collection it is ideal for furnishing outdoor spaces with a touch of elegance. The sofas are made with resistant materials and waterproof fabrics, ensuring durability and functionality over time.

The choice of materials

The Italian company is known for using high quality and resistant materials in its creations, especially for its sofas.

Among the most used materials, aluminum stands out for its lightness and resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for the structure of outdoor sofas. Teak , a precious and durable wood , is used to add a touch of elegance and warmth to furniture, while ensuring durability and resistance over time.

The hand-woven synthetic rope is another distinctive material used by Varaschin, which gives a unique and sophisticated look to the sofas, resisting bad weather and UV rays. Finally, the fabrics used for the cushions and padding are carefully selected for their resistance to water and stains, ensuring comfort and ease of maintenance.

Attention to detail and the choice of high quality materials are fundamental elements that give Varaschin sofas their reputation for excellence in design and construction.

Sustainability and environmentally friendly production, the company vision

Sustainability and eco-friendly production are crucial aspects for Varaschin , a company that is committed to reducing the environmental impact throughout the production process, while guaranteeing high-quality and long-lasting products.

To do this, the company carefully selects sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, such as wood from responsibly managed and certified forests. Furthermore, it uses low environmental impact paints and treatments to preserve the quality of the materials and ensure the safety of customers.

The company pays particular attention to energy efficiency and responsible use of resources during production. Varaschin is always looking for new technologies and processes that make it possible to reduce energy consumption and pollution, such as the adoption of renewable energy sources and the optimization of the production process.

The life cycle of products is also a fundamental aspect of the philosophy of sustainability. The company is committed to making high-quality and durable furniture that can be used for many years, thus reducing the need for frequent replacement and limiting waste, encourages product repairability and the use of recyclable or easily disposable materials at the end of their useful life .

It works to make its employees, collaborators and customers aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility , promoting a corporate culture that places the environment at the center of its priorities. In this way it demonstrates its commitment to protect the environment and to contribute to a more sustainable future.

 Cleaning and maintenance of modern Varaschin sofas

The maintenance and care of sofas is essential to ensure that the furniture maintains its beauty and durability over time. Garden sofas are made from high quality materials, designed to withstand the elements and wear and tear, but by following a few simple guidelines, you can best preserve their appearance and performance.

  1. Regular cleaning : To keep sofas clean and in good condition, it is important to clean them regularly with a soft cloth and warm water. Avoid the use of aggressive or abrasive detergents which could damage the materials and fabrics. For cleaning fabrics, always follow the manufacturer's instructions and, if possible, remove the cushion covers and wash them gently by hand or in the washing machine, if permitted.
  2. Protection from UV rays : Even if the materials used in Varaschin sofas are generally resistant to UV rays, it is advisable to protect the furniture from direct sunlight for prolonged periods, in order to avoid color fading and premature aging of the materials.
  3. Cover in case of bad weather : During periods of bad weather or when the furniture is not in use for long periods, it is advisable to cover it with protective covers specially designed for Varaschin sofas. This helps protect them from rain, snow and other elements that could damage them over time.
  4. Wood maintenance : If Varaschin sofas have wooden components, such as teak, it is important to treat them with specific wood maintenance products every year or according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This will help preserve the natural beauty of the wood and protect it from moisture and stains.
  5. Periodic checks : Finally, it is advisable to periodically check the sofas for any signs of wear or damage. If you notice any problems, contact your dealer or Varaschin customer service for assistance in repairing or replacing the damaged parts.

By following these simple guidelines, you can keep Varaschin sofas in top condition for many years, enjoying their beauty, comfort and durability.

Ideas for decorating your home garden with style

Furnishing your home garden can be a pleasant and creative experience that transforms your outdoor space into an oasis of relaxation, fun and beauty.

First, consider creating a dedicated relaxation area in the garden , where you can place comfortable sofas, armchairs and poufs. This space could be bordered by pergolas or climbing plants to provide shade and a sense of privacy.

Another cool idea is to add an outdoor dining area with an elegant table and chairs . Here you can enjoy outdoor meals with family and friends during the hot summer days, enjoying the view from your garden.

Don't forget to incorporate lighting into your outdoor space . Street lights, solar lights, and lanterns can create a cozy, inviting atmosphere as the sun goes down. Lighting can also be used to highlight architectural or landscaping features in the garden.

To add a touch of elegance to your garden , consider installing a fountain or small pond. Water adds an element of tranquility and calm to your outdoor environment and can also attract birds and small wildlife.

If you have the space available, you could also create a children's corner with a safe and fun play area, complete with swings, slides and a sandy area.

Take care of the landscape by choosing plants , shrubs and flowers that suit the climate of your area and reflect your personal style. You can opt for colorful flower beds, herb beds or create a vegetable garden to grow fruit and vegetables.

Remember that garden furniture must be functional, comfortable and in harmony with your lifestyle and your personal tastes. With a little planning and creativity, your garden can be transformed into a welcoming and inspiring space to spend time outdoors.

The new Varaschin outdoor collection is designed by Alberto Apostoli

A system of accessories dedicated to the world of well-being, indoors and outdoors, and aimed at the individual and taking care of one's self, based on simple and absolute geometries, pure lines, neutral colors and a strong reference to nature in the aesthetics and concept : this is Wellness Therapy , the new Varaschin collection designed by the architect and designer Alberto Apostoli . The range mixes advanced technologies and innovative materials with ancestral formal dictates, to allow the balance between soul, mind and body. Read more >>

Outdoor therapy: Varaschin's philosophy

If there is a furniture brand that makes outdoor therapy its mantra, it is Varaschin . For more than fifty years, the Treviso-based brand has been making outdoor furniture in which relaxation and craftsmanship come together to create furniture with an original design. Varaschin's philosophy translates, thanks to the involvement of Italian and international designers, into outdoor furnishing accessories capable of harmonizing the exterior with the interior .


But what is outdoor therapy? It is a practice that involves total immersion in nature , involving all five senses. The ideal places are the woods, but even those who are lucky enough to have a house in the countryside or a city terrace full of greenery can experience it. With its furnishings, Varaschin wants to bring a bit of outdoor therapy to our homes, or rather to our gardens, by offering accessories designed and created to enjoy outdoor spaces with comfort and relaxation . Read the full article >>

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