Tonin Casa chairs, modern and design, Outlet prices

Discover Tonin chairs, the excellence of Italian design and uncompromising quality that will transform your space into an elegant and refined environment.

Our chairs are made with quality and sustainable materials, offering ergonomic comfort that makes every moment spent at home an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the many customization options , you can choose from a wide range of colors, finishes and fabrics to create the perfect chair that fits harmoniously into your lifestyle and home decor. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of authentic Italian craftsmanship: choose Tonin Casa and transform your space into an oasis of style and functionality.

Tonin chairs, best models and collections

Tonin Casa chairs represent the perfect combination of sophisticated style and functionality, offering a wide range of models and collections to satisfy the most refined tastes . Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Ambra , Arabesque and Sofia collections , which embody the essence of Italian design and attention to detail.

Let yourself be fascinated by the versatility and comfort of the Cleo collection, which combines the elegance of curved wood with the practicality of a stackable chair. If you are looking for a touch of modernity, the Arkè collection will not disappoint, with its thin metal structure and ergonomic seats upholstered in leather or fabric.

Choose Tonin Casa chairs for your space and experience the sublime combination of innovative design, high quality materials and Italian craftsmanship, guaranteeing an experience of unparalleled luxury and comfort.

Tonin chair Plaza, features and design

The Plaza chair by Tonin Casa is an example of elegance and functionality combined in a single design.


  1. High-quality materials : it is made with high-quality materials such as wood, metal and fabric or leather for the seat and backrest upholstery.
  2. Sturdy Structure : The structure is solid and durable, ensuring long life and wear resistance.
  3. Comfort: It was designed with comfort in mind, with a padded seat and an ergonomic backrest that offer support during extended use.
  4. Personalization options : The Plaza chair offers several customization options, including the possibility to choose between different colors, finishes and upholstery for the seat and backrest.
  5. Versatile design : Thanks to its simple and elegant design it easily adapts to a variety of environments, both in residential and commercial contexts.

Design : This flagship model features a clean, minimalist design that combines smooth lines and sinuous curves with a solid, geometric structure. Attention to detail and care in the choice of materials give this chair a sophisticated and refined look. The chair integrates perfectly into any environment , from modern to classic, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your space.

The Tonin Casa company, Italian design

Tonin Casa is an Italian company renowned for the production of high quality furniture and home accessories, with a strong commitment to Italian design and traditional craftsmanship. Founded in 1975 by Gianni Tonin , the company is based in Padua, in the heart of the Veneto region, a region famous for its long history of creating luxury furniture.

design is synonymous with elegance, refinement and innovation , and Tonin Casa is a perfect example of this. The company is dedicated to developing products that combine form and function with fine materials and refined details.

The collections include a wide range of products, such as tables, chairs, beds, sofas, wardrobes and other furnishing accessories for the home and office.

The Italian company stands out for its attention to quality and innovation in design. Their creations range from classic to contemporary, with a wide variety of materials, colors and finishes to meet the needs of a diverse spectrum of customers . Proud of its Italian heritage and traditional craftsmanship, offering products handcrafted with meticulousness and care.

It is committed to promoting sustainable practices in production and choice of materials . The company uses environmentally friendly resources and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to ensure that their products are environmentally friendly.

Materials used and possibility of customization

Tonin Casa uses a variety of high quality materials in the production of its furniture and offers different customization options to meet the needs and tastes of the customers.

Used materials:

  1. Wood : Tonin Casa uses precious woods such as oak, walnut and other types of solid or veneered wood to make furniture structures, legs and details. The wood gives a natural and warm look to the pieces and guarantees durability over time.
  2. Metal : Stainless steel, aluminum and other metals are used to create durable structures with a modern design. These materials are known for their durability and corrosion resistance.
  3. Glass: use tempered glass to make table surfaces, shelves and other furniture elements. Glass offers an elegant and refined look, as well as being easy to clean and maintain.
  4. Marble and stone : In some collections, Tonin Casa uses materials such as marble and stone to create table surfaces and other distinctive elements. These materials are known for their natural beauty and durability.
  5. Fabrics and leather : For upholstering chairs, sofas and other upholstered furniture, it offers a wide range of high quality fabrics and leather. These materials can range from cotton and linen to synthetic fabrics and natural or ecological leather.

Possibility of customization:

Tonin Casa offers several customization options for its products, allowing customers to create unique pieces that are perfectly suited to their spaces.

  1. Colors and finishes : offers a variety of colors and finishes for the materials used, such as wood, metal and fabrics. Customers can choose from several options to match the piece of furniture to their environment and style.
  2. Upholstery : For upholstered furniture, customers can select from several types of fabrics and leathers, with a wide variety of colors and textures available.
  3. Dimensions and configurations : In many cases it offers the possibility to choose between different dimensions and configurations of the furniture, allowing customers to adapt the pieces to the dimensions and needs of their space.

With these customization options, the Italian brand allows customers to create unique and personalized furnishing solutions that reflect their style and taste .

Reviews, what do customers say about Arredare Moderno?

Customer reviews of Tonin Casa chairs and their products in general tend to be very positive. Often, customers praise the quality and durability of the furniture, emphasizing the excellent craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials. The combination of innovative design and practicality make these chairs a welcome addition to many environments, both residential and commercial.

Customers often praise the wide range of customization options on offer, which allows them to find the perfect fit for their space and style. The possibility to choose between different materials, colors and finishes allows customers to create a unique and personalized environment.

also frequently mentioned in reviews. Customers appreciate the comfort and ergonomics of the chairs, which make prolonged use pleasant and effortless.

The customer service and support offered by the company often receives praise. Customers appreciate the availability and professionalism of the staff, which helps them choose the right product and solve any problems that may arise.


Interior design, advice on how to use Tonin chairs at home

Tonin Casa chairs are versatile and adapt to a variety of interior design styles . Here are some tips on how to use Tonin Casa chairs in your home space:

  1. Matching Dining Table : Select chairs that match or complement your dining table. For example, if you have a solid wood table, you could choose wooden chairs in the same color or in a contrasting color to create an interesting visual effect.
  2. Create a focal point : Use as a focal point in your dining room or kitchen, choosing a model with a distinctive design or with bright colors that attract attention and add personality to your space.
  3. Mix and match : Don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns and colors to create a unique and dynamic environment. For example, you could choose chairs with similar structures but with different colored upholstery, or combine chairs with different designs but in the same colour.
  4. Create a conversational area : Place a pair of Tonin chairs next to a sofa or in a corner of your living room to create a welcoming conversational area. Add a side table to place drinks or books and complete the area with a floor lamp or rug.
  5. Use the chairs as extra seats : Tonin chairs can be used as extra seats for guests or for special occasions. Choose stackable or foldable chairs for an easy and convenient storage solution.
  6. Take advantage of the versatility : The chairs can also be used in other rooms of the house, such as bedrooms, offices or children's rooms. For example, you could place a chair next to your desk in your home office, or use it as a vanity chair in your bedroom.

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