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Console Tonelli Design modern, fixed and extendable, Outlet

Tonelli Design console , now available for online purchase! These entrance consoles, fixed and extendable, represent the perfect harmony between traditional Italian craftsmanship and modern design.

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Console Sestante Tonelli

Regular price €1,040.00 -10% Price €936.00

Console Sestante Tonelli

Regular price €1,040.00 -10% Price €936.00
Console Sestante Tonelli in extra clear glass or extra clear glass with digital printing decoration.
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Gulliver 2 consolle Tonelli

Regular price €1,340.00 -10% Price €1,206.00

Gulliver 2 consolle Tonelli

Regular price €1,340.00 -10% Price €1,206.00
Gulliver 2 consolle Tonelli, with a regular and linear shape, with a glass structure. Accessible with wooden drawers.
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Gotham console Tonelli

Regular price €1,580.00 -10% Price €1,422.00

Gotham console Tonelli

Regular price €1,580.00 -10% Price €1,422.00
Gotham console Tonelli, smoked glass with black wooden drawer. Optional: wireless battery charger.

Each piece tells a story of beauty and function, transforming your entryway into an elegant welcoming space . And that's not all! Take advantage of our exclusive discounts and promotions now to bring home a Tonelli Design console at an exceptional price. Discover the collection, choose your favorite model, and live the experience of a renewed and fascinating entrance every day. Elegance has never been so affordable!

Types of Tonelli consoles Design, materials and use

Tonelli Design consoles are an emblematic example of mastery in the art of Italian design, offering a wide range of styles and materials to satisfy any furnishing need.

The wooden consoles are the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. The natural warmth of wood, worked with skill and precision, combines with clean and minimalist lines to create pieces with a timeless charm. Available for both the entrance and the living room , these wooden console tables offer unrivaled sturdiness and timeless aesthetics.

At the same time, the glass consoles by Tonelli Design embody contemporaneity and lightness. Worked with cutting-edge techniques, glass is transformed into an elegant and refined design element , capable of illuminating any environment with its brilliance. These consoles, ideal for both the entrance and the living room, add a touch of modernity and transparency to your space.

So whether you're looking for something traditional or contemporary, Tonelli Design has the perfect console table for you. Check out our selection online and find the console table that fits your lifestyle perfectly .

Gulliver console

Let yourself be fascinated by the Gulliver console, a design masterpiece by MU, born from the 1988 collection . This architectural marvel, made entirely of clear or extra-clear glass, captures the essence of simplicity and linearity, making it an impeccable choice for any setting.

The Gulliver console is the secret to illuminating and making spaces light, injecting a breath of freshness and modernity. Available in several sizes to embrace your specific needs, this designer console table can be the perfect accent in your entryway or hallway , a sophisticated addition to your living room, or a touch of elegance in your bedroom. Don't just imagine the transformation of your space: live the experience with the Gulliver console.

Console Liber

Take a leap into the world of timeless design with the Console Liber, a new creation by the renowned designer and architect Luca Papini, born from the 2015 collection . This extraordinary console, which can easily be transformed into a refined bookcase thanks to its versatility in shapes and compositions, is equipped with numerous shelves where you can keep books and precious objects.

The Console Liber enchants with its presence, transforming any environment into a brighter and more elegant space . Available in clear, extra-clear or smoked glass , and with a mirrored base, this console table is ready to become the centerpiece of your décor.

Furthermore, it can be customized by adding drawers in wood or covered in saddle leather , creating a sophisticated game of contrasts with the transparency of the glass. The Console Liber is much more than a simple piece of furniture: it is a work of art, ready to give personality and style to your home. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the exceptional nature of this console: choose Liber, choose elegance.

Penrose console

Immerse yourself in the world of extraordinary design with the Penrose Console, a prodigy from the 2013 collection signed by Studio Isao Hosoe, in collaboration with Lucia Fontana and Masaya Hashimoto . This extraordinary console defies the laws of physics, appearing to stand on a single point.

Thanks to the meticulous gluing of glass plates, finished with oblique cuts on each edge , a real magic is manifested: the glass, normally heavy, becomes light and folds on itself, maintaining a perfect balance.

The Penrose console represents a powerful aesthetic and functional metaphor of the human ambition to overcome the boundaries imposed by nature through the bold use of glass.

Available with a transparent or extra-clear glass structure , this piece of furniture has an asymmetrical shape with a fascinating oblique weld on the side. It's not just a piece of furniture, it's a work of art that enchants and inspires. Let yourself be conquered by the Penrose Console and bring an extraordinary piece of design into your home.

Tonelli extendable console: features, models and materials

Tonelli Design extendable consoles are the perfect synthesis between innovative design and advanced functionality. Designed for those who experience space with flexibility and dynamism, these extendable consoles transform into a few simple gestures, offering an extra support surface when needed.

  1. Characteristics : they feature a smooth and robust extension mechanism , which allows you to change the size of the table easily and safely. Furthermore, despite being extendable, they maintain an elegant and clean design, typical of the Tonelli Design aesthetic.
  2. Materials: Glass is the main material of many Tonelli Design creations. The transparency of the tempered glass, worked with cutting-edge technologies, gives these consoles a contemporary and refined look. Some models combine glass with wood or metal, creating interesting contrasts and increasing the versatility of these consoles to match different furnishing styles.
  3. Models: Among the most popular models of Tonelli Design extendable consoles, we find the "Marcell", with its geometric base and transparent glass top, and the " Sestante ", which combines a metal base with a glass or ceramic top , available in different finishes.

Discover the magic of extendable consoles : the ideal solution for those who love to experience space in a versatile way, without sacrificing elegance and high quality design.

Ideas and advice: furnish the entrance of the house with Tonelli consoles

The entrance to a house is the first room you come across, and it is essential that it is welcoming and reflects the style and personality of the owners. With Tonelli Design consoles , you can create a sophisticated and functional entrance space. Here are some ideas for furnishing the entrance to your home with these wonderful consoles:

  1. Console Table as Centerpiece : A console table can be the centerpiece of your entryway . Choose an extendable or fixed console with an eye-catching design, such as the "Prisma" or "Livingstone" console. Place it against the main wall to create a point of visual interest.
  2. Accessories : A console table is a great place to display decorative items such as vases , candles or small sculptures. Additionally, you can place a small table lamp on top of it to add a touch of warm, welcoming light. Remember to keep your balance, do not overload the table surface.
  3. Mirror : Pairing a console table with a mirror is a classic choice. Not only does the mirror add depth and brightness to the entryway, it is also very useful for checking your appearance before leaving the house. Choose a mirror with a modern design for a perfect match with your Tonelli Design console.
  4. Ottomans or chairs : If space permits, you might consider adding an ottoman or chair next to your console table . Not only does this offer somewhere to sit as you get ready to go out, but it also adds an extra touch of style to the entryway.
  5. Lighting : Good lighting is essential in any space, and the entryway is no exception. Consider installing sconces or floor lamps to highlight your console table and create a welcoming atmosphere.

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