Tempur Memory single and double mattress

The American company Tempur, the undisputed international leader in the production of mattresses, beds, nets and pillows, is a flagship in the bedroom furniture sector. It is inevitable to mention its origins, thanks to which the company has acquired the prestige and hegemony it still holds worldwide in the bedroom furniture sector. TEMPUR® material was initially developed on behalf of NASA with the aim of relieving pressure on the astronauts' body upon take-off. Starting from this innovative technology, the first memory foam for mattresses and pillows was conceived.

Since its inception, the company has distinguished itself in the improvement and expansion of catalogs based on the constant study and constant search for materials that ensure the best possible well-being during the night rest.

The space technology embodied in the TEMPUR® material is known to few people and has been particularly optimized to have an unmatched mattress that relieves pressure and absorbs movement to minimize the need to continually roll over in bed during the night. With the help of scientists, the visco-elastic cell structure of TEMPUR® has been refined to adapt to the weight, shape and temperature of the body.

Tempur: The mattress collections

Tempur has developed several mattress collections:

  • The TEMPUR® Original collection that reduces pressure on the body and the constant need to roll over in bed during the night. It adapts to the profile of the body by distributing the weight over the entire surface.

The Original collection includes the following models: Original 25 - Original 21 - Original Elite - Original Supreme

  • The TEMPUR® Hybrid collection that adapts to every shape and movement of the body thanks to the pocket springs which, in combination with the material, react to every movement allowing you to alleviate the disturbance caused by the partner's movements.

Tempur Hybrid includes: Hybrid Elite - Hybrid Supreme

  • The TEMPUR® Firm collection, the latest innovation of the company that provides support during the night for a regenerating rest thanks to the adaptability of the mattress as well as to movements and body temperature.

The Tempur Firm collection includes the following models: Firm Supreme - Firm Elite

  • The One by Tempur collection does not simply offer memory foam, but thanks to the quality of the TEMPUR® Material it provides comfort and support to the body.

One by Tempur offers: One by Tempur MEDIUM (medium-sustained) - One by Tempur FIRM (rigid-sustained).

  • The Sensation collection designed to ensure greater freedom of movement and relieve pressure. It has a structure of flexible open cells, the so-called Dynamic Support Technology, thanks to which the mattress is able to recover quickly from compression.

The models of the Sensation collection are: Sensation Elite 25 - Sensation Supreme 21

Tempur also makes its mattresses with Cooltouch technology to ensure linings that are cool to the touch and contribute to the absorption of excess heat: thanks to the "Phase Changing Material" the mattress is able to absorb, store and release heat thanks to the transition from the solid to the liquid phase.

For its collections, Tempur produces double, single and one and a halb mattresses.

Tempur: The beds

As we have said, the innovation represented by the company and the processing of TEMPUR® material translates not only into the production of mattresses but also of bed bases and beds.

As for the beds we have the following collections:

  • Tempur North: with a minimalist and rounded Nordic design, characterized by an elegant suspended structure. Within the collection, the beds equipped with wireless remote control also stand out.
  • Boxspring: of German inspiration, characterized by static or motorized beds. This collection was created to be combined with the TEMPUR® Hybrid mattress collection but is suitable for all TEMPUR® mattresses.

Also, worth mentioning is the collection of bed bases and nets. The latter can be static or adjustable according to needs and preferences, which favors a comfortable posture even during the most common activities such as watching TV or reading a book. The bed bases are equipped with remote control and shock absorbers that guarantee everyone a personalized rest.

Let's not forget the pillows that can be either traditional or ergonomic and the whole wide range of Tempur accessories that can be used at home or during car journeys or other means that sometimes turn out to be exhausting. We mention by way of example: lumbar support, travel collar and bicycle seat cover.

Summarizing and concluding this excursus into the history and particularity of this well-known American company, we can say that Tempur products are extremely versatile, aimed at the nocturnal well-being of anyone who uses them and constantly evolving to guarantee an unparalleled product.


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