Modern and design task chairs, Made in Italy

Wide range of task office chairs designed in Italy in collaboration with the best designers on the international scene, luxury, functional and trendy office chairs , discover the models of Cattelan Italia , Bontempi Casa, Itamoby , Kastel , Martex , Midj and many others .

Task chairs are chairs specifically designed to be used in a working environment, such as an office or home workstation.

They're designed to provide comfort and support during long periods of sitting, and usually have features like height adjustment, tilt adjustment, and lumbar support. Additionally, some office task chairs come with wheels and casters for greater flexibility and ease of movement.

What are the accessories of the task chairs?

In our catalog you will find numerous models divided by material, finishes and accessories, some of which include:

  1. Armrests : For extra arm support and added comfort
  2. Back cushions : for extra support for the lower back
  3. Head support : to improve comfort during long periods of sitting
  4. Height adjustment : to adapt the chair to the height of the desk or table
  5. Tilt adjustment : to adjust the angle of the seat
  6. Wheels and Casters : For ease of movement and flexibility
  7. Tilt mechanism : to tilt the backrest for greater comfort
  8. Oscillation mechanism : for greater freedom of movement and comfort.

All the models available on our online shop are ready for delivery and customizable, you will receive the goods directly to your home in 2, 3 working days.

Furnishing the office with task chairs, the advice of Arredare Moderno

Furnishing an office with our task chairs can be a practical and comfortable way to create a productive working environment, in this section you will find different types of models suitable for modern and refined environments.

Here are some tips for choosing and placing task chairs in the studio:

  1. Choose chairs that fit ergonomic needs : Choose chairs that have height adjustment, lumbar support, and adjustable armrests, to ensure comfort and support during long periods of sitting.
  2. Evaluate the available space : Make sure you have enough space to move the chair freely and not block the passages.
  3. Choose the right color and design : Choose chairs that match the decor of the studio and are aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Position chairs so they are easily accessible to your desk : Make sure your chair is positioned to allow for good posture and easy interaction with your desk and electronic devices.
  5. Consider Buying Multiple Chairs : If you need chairs for guests or other office users, consider purchasing multiple task chairs.

The best task armchairs by Arredare Moderno

Furnishing a modern office requires a combination of functional and cutting-edge elements, which create a comfortable and productive environment, such as choosing neutral color palettes for a clean and modern look, buying quality furniture , adding decorative elements and using cutting-edge technology, create an ergonomic workspace, and add greenery and plants to desks.

Let's find out together which are the most popular and sold office chairs on our shop:

  • Tara chair Martex: a low back office chair , with a contemporary style, it comes with a linear profile and an ergonomic shape designed to convey a high level of comfort. Equipped with a low backrest while the seat is wide and comfortable, perfect for furnishing executive offices, meeting rooms and large conference rooms.
  • Klassic chair Kastel: design chair with customizable aluminum or nylon 5-star base on castors. A modern seat for classy offices, meeting rooms and conferences. Kimera is an ergonomic chair, available with high backrest and headrest or low backrest without headrest.
  • Kamelia chair Kastel: executive design chair, with 5-star swivel base with wheels. High back with headrest, medium or low, upholstered in different finishes, with gas syncron .
  • King Kastel office chair: design executive chair , with sled frame with black polyurethane armrests. Upholstery in different finishes.

Midj office chair, the best of office design

Most of the day is spent in the office or in the home office. This is why it is essential that it is furnished with care. Each piece of furniture must be thought out and studied not only from an aesthetic and stylistic point of view, but also from a functional point of view and therefore in relation to comfort. In the office, an absolutely essential piece of furniture is the seat . But which one to choose? Read the full article >>

Furnish the Home Office with the office chairs proposed by Arredare Moderno

The home office is a very important space in the home and today more than ever present in the home. Furnishing the home office means creating an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and comfortable, a room that is comfortable and stimulates productivity. Several hours of the day are spent in the home office and it is therefore absolutely essential that you are seated in maximum comfort. Here's how to furnish the Home Office with the office chairs proposed by Arredare Moderno . Read the full article >>

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