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Outdoor Carpets: Hygiene and Cleanliness Inside the Home

The idea of placing an outdoor carpet at the entrance of a house is a habit, but also a necessity that concerns many people. In fact, in addition to being a recognizable sign of the house, the outdoor carpet is also useful for keeping away dirt, dust, and, consequently, germs and bacteria. Please note, we are not talking about a doormat, which is used to clean the soles of shoes. High-quality outdoor carpets are designed for all those who want to make outdoor spaces unique as well. On the balcony, at the entrance to the house, or under the table on the terrace, an outdoor carpet can change the perception of space, just like in indoor environments.

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Aladdin Myyour Carpet

Regular price €1,659.19 -10% Price €1,493.27

Aladdin Myyour Carpet

Regular price €1,659.19 -10% Price €1,493.27
Aladdin Myyour Carpet, in hand-sewn rope. Ideal for outdoor spaces.

As for the types, an outdoor carpet can come in many sizes: large to be placed in an outdoor living room, or smaller if we want to use it before entering the house from the terrace. Moreover, they can come in many shapes, from the most classic circular or rectangular shapes to unusual forms - there is something for every taste!

As for materials, the choices are limited because we know that not all fibers are suitable for withstanding the elements. Synthetic fibers like polypropylene are used to produce outdoor carpets that have nothing to envy to indoor ones. Well-finished and dirt-resistant, polypropylene carpets are practically unalterable from a physical point of view and easy to clean.

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