King Size 180x200 beds made in Italy, discover our offer

The best beds 180x200 cm, King Size, comfortable and modern, discover the offer of Arredare Moderno, we select the best brands: Bolzan beds, Bonaldo, Cantori, Cattelan, Dèsireè, Famar, Felis, Itamoby, Noctis, Toin Casa.
Everyone knows that a comfortable and cosy bed guarantees a good night's rest. The bed size of 180x200 cm is perfect for two people. In this section you can buy classic leather beds, modern sommier beds and wooden beds. Various models are available in different colours and materials.

Why choose a 180x200 bed?

Thanks to its extra space, a 180x200 cm King bed allows you to get a better night's sleep, and King beds are super comfortable, especially for those who move around a lot at night. If you have a very large room, they help make it more beautiful and cosy, and in the case of the 180x200 cm box beds, you have plenty of extra room for blankets, plaids and bed linen.

Sleeping guests: where to get an extra bed? What are pouf beds?

Los pufs-cama entran en esa categoría particular de muebles que pueden transformarse. De hecho, aunque existen diferentes tipos de mecanismos en el mercado, este mueble puede transformarse de puf a cama en pocos movimientos. Así, su principal característica es que tiene una doble función. De un cómodo reposapiés que se coloca junto al sofá, pasa a ser una confortable cama individual. Una solución ideal para una cama extra para invitados.

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